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Members offer up five favorite apps

It’s that time again—time to review favorite apps sent in by AOPA members. Apps that help with flight planning, track flights, and calculate weight and balance are among the favorites submitted by AOPA members. These are not endorsements of any app.

FlightKit (free in iTunes, but a yearly subscription is $49.99 and a three-month subscription is $19.99)—This iPhone/iPad app features VFR charts with overlays, airport/facility directory information, weather, airspace, route planning, and GPS tracking. Users can try it out for 15 days for free.

Air Navigation Pro ($49.99 in iTunes and $16.36 in Google Play)—This smartphone app offers real-time aircraft moving map navigation. It supports free open-source and public domain maps as well as official aviation charts for many countries. Features include a worldwide database of aviation waypoints, flight tracking, and simulations of aircraft instruments.

FlightPro (free in Google Play, but a subscription is required)—Users of this flight planning smartphone app have access to features including georeferenced flight charts, XM Weather integration, the ability to handle DUATS filings, and a runway finder.

GPS Essentials (free in Google Play)—This smartphone app allows users to track and record flights, and download the data onto Google Earth. Users can see their speed, altitudes, and the course flown.  

FlightScale ($3.99 in iTunes, $1.99 in Google Play)—This app serves as an aircraft weight and balance graphing calculator. It offers three templates that allow users to enter data for analysis: a simple template for standard configurations of small aircraft, one accommodating extra equipment with weight/arm entries, and one for calculating the center of gravity on both the longitudinal and lateral axis, ideal for helicopters.

Thanks to everyone who continues to send in Google Play apps. Please also send in your iOS and Windows favorites here. I’m also looking for apps covering charts, FBOs and services, instrument simulators, and radar. See a complete list of the apps highlighted here.

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