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General apps handle specific tasks

Sometimes we receive apps submissions that don’t fall neatly into a single category. So take a look at the five general apps below, covering everything from measuring wind speeds to serving as a flight data recorder. These are not endorsements of any app.

IFR Timer ($1.99 in iTunes)—This iPhone/iPad app handles countdown timing functions for IFR procedures including precision/non-precision approaches, magnetic compass timed turns, and a wind correction angle calculator.

Vaavud Wind Meter (free in iTunes)—After downloading this app and buying a Smartphone Wind Meter device ($49.95), you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a wind meter. The app then provides average, actual, and maximum wind speed, showing it as a graph in real time.

Flight Data Recorder Mobile ($5.99 in iTunes)—This app, optimized for the iPhone 5, serves as a flight data and digital ATC recorder. The app can be used to play back past air traffic controller transmissions, display flights for the past 10 minutes, and record and analyze data including speed, altitude, pitch, bank, true and magnetic headings, and distance traveled.

ZuluTime ($0.99 in iTunes)—This iPhone/iPad app is a simple time converter that allows a pilot to see the current time in Zulu or local. Other modes include the ability to view multiple time zones, or to preview what local and Zulu time will be at some point in the future without having to do the math in your head.

gMeter ($8.99 in iTunes)—Turn your iPhone/iPad into a device that can measure forward and lateral G forces and use this data to compute acceleration, velocity, distance traveled, and engine power. Data can be displayed in U.S. or metric units, and users can see graphs that show speed, distance, power, and forward/lateral G. The graphs can be displayed or saved for later use or syncing to a computer.

I need more Android and Windows apps. You can send your favorites here. Check out the complete list of apps I’ve reviewed here.

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