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Elbit Systems upgrades infrared systems

Photo by Asaf Haber.

Elbit Systems has launched the Enhanced Vision System-Superior Performance system, its third generation design to allow pilots to see through weather and darkness with infrared systems.

The digital system adjusts to conditions to maintain the best image during taxi, takeoff, and landing operations in all weather conditions in accordance with FAA and Europe regulations.

There are 1,500 installed systems. The enhancements include high resolution for a clear image, cooled infrared imagery for all-weather operations, digital video for best image quality, and a lightweight design. The unit has been designed for easy installation.

The view from Elbit Systems’ Enhanced Vision System (EVS) camera.

In addition, Elbit Systems and Nicarnica Aviation are now offering volcanic ash detection as part of Elbit’s ClearVision EVS product for business jets. The two companies joined forces in July for the implementation of Nicarnica’s volcanic ash detection technology into Elbit Systems’ Enhanced Vision System (EVS) cameras. Nicarnica’s system can detect volcanic ash in the atmosphere 54 nautical miles ahead of an aircraft.

Elbit Systems offers the ClearVision system for business aviation and air transport. The system includes an enhanced vision system, a head-up display, and the Skylens wearable head-up display for out-the-window flying. This reduces dependency on systems based at an airport or heliport.

Alton Marsh
Alton K. Marsh
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