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Five apps aid pilots in the cockpit

Check out these five apps that help pilots handle everything from VOR tracking to weather. These are not an endorsement of any app.

Aircraft VOR ($1.60 in Google Play)—This smartphone app offers users a GPS-based aircraft VOR instrument, shown as a Bendix/King KI 208A instrument. Users can tune aircraft navigation VOR beacons via a worldwide database allowing them to select and track a VOR radial to or from the VOR station.

VFR World GPS Airplane Nav (free in Google Play)—This simple smartphone app lets users input airports or waypoints, and then fly to them with basic track correction angles. It also shows data including altitude, magnetic bearing, ground track, and speed.

FlightBriefer Aviation Weather ($0.99 in Google Play)—This smartphone app offers myriad data, including static image weather, wind forecasts, icing, notams, and text weather.

Aircraft Heading ($0.99 in iTunes)—Users of this iPhone/iPad app can see a photorealistic aircraft style heading indicator that is modeled after analog instrumentation in general aviation aircraft. The app displays both the analog instrument and a digital readout. Devices must have a built-in compass or GPS, with a good GPS signal.

Flight Data Recorder Mobile ($5.99 in iTunes)—This iPhone/iPad app allows users to easily record a flight and share it, including cockpit audio. It can be used to track flights in real life with an iPhone or iPad, and analyze performance after on a computer.

This week’s column included three Google Play apps for the second week in a row, thanks to user submissions. Send your favorite iOS, Android, and Windows here. A complete list of the apps highlighted is here.

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