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Developers promote flight planning app updates

Developers frequently update their apps. This week, we highlight updates to nine aviation apps that help with myriad flight planning tasks. These are not endorsements of any apps.

iFlightPlanner (free in iTunes but subscription required)—The makers of this flight planning product for the iPad are allowing pilots using a competing flight planning product to trade it in and add it to an iFlightPlanner Premium or Premium Plus membership. The app’s new version 2.2.2 has added georeferenced airport diagrams and instrument approach plates.

Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck (free in iTunes but subscription required)—The company has introduced new features and functionality in version 2.6 on this iPad app designed to enhance situational awareness and simplify access to flight information. The ability for users to integrate flight planning data has been improved, along with improvements on the app’s database search capability that allows pilots to better access critical flight information at the time it is needed.        

PocketFMS/EasyVFR (free in the Windows Store)—The developers of this app call it the first flight planning and moving map system for Windows designed from the ground up for touchscreen devices. Available features include an electronic flight bag with georeferenced approach charts, advanced notam filtering, hour-by-hour aviation weather forecasts, 3-D look-ahead mode, an auto route finder, and safety-enhancing relative terrain.

Garmin Pilot (free in iTunes but subscription required)—The company has added coverage for Canada on this flight planning app optimized for the iPhone 5. Garmin Pilot’s Canada Premium offers a comprehensive suite of navigation and weather information for Canada and the United States. It includes North American navigation data provided by Jeppesen; rich, interactive maps; and georeferenced flight charts.

ForeFlight Mobile (free in iTunes but subscription required)—Version 6.3 of this flight planning app now offers track log, a cloud-enabled flight recorder that allows users to record and share flight track and altitude data right from the ForeFlight Mobile app. It’s also a tool that can be used to share flights and serves as a helpful tool for instructors and students to debrief flight lessons.

AvNav EFB (free to download in Google Play but subscription required)—This smartphone flight planning app is now available on the Android platform. It offers a map page, FBO information, fuel prices, georeferenced approach plates and airport diagrams, CSC DUATS filing and briefing, display terrain and obstacles, and moving map GPS.

FltPlan Go (free in iTunes and Google Play)—Changes to the iPad version of this app allow it to connect to Dual XGPS 170, Pathfinder, Clarity, and SkyRadar DX ADS-B units. It also offers clickable graphics to show pop-ups with weather information/data for ADS-B, notams, METARs, and TAFs; the option to change color and size of aircraft icon over maps; and access to more than 450 aircraft in the app’s database. Changes on the Android version of the app include north-up, track-up, and track-forward options on moving maps; access to documents, with the option to add/import files from the device.

iFlyGPS (free in iTunes and Google Play but subscription required)—Version 8.3 of this smartphone app supports the iPhone and Android phones with a fully functional phone-friendly user interface and adjustable font sizes; online flight filing and weather briefings; multiple aircraft profiles with more custom details; traffic pattern indicators; and advanced extended runways options.

FlightPro! (free in Google Play but subscription required)—This smartphone app has added the ability to brief and file directly with Lockheed Martin Flight Services’ Automated Flight Service Station; implemented RouteMinder, which automatically checks the entered flight plan and makes sure required charts are downloaded for the flight; integrated weight and balance with the ability to create and store multiple aircraft; and store recently viewed documents for quick access.

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