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Homebuilder revamps cleco plier

After experiencing wrist pain while using a cleco plier during construction of an Experimental aircraft, California pilot Christopher Braun had the proverbial “there has to be a better way” conversation with himself.

The result is the Clecall Upright Plier, which utilizes an ergonomic design and is 70 percent lighter than a steel plier.

Cleco fasteners temporarily hold together sheets of metal before drilling or riveting. The original plier used to install them “is heavy, lacks ergonomics to fit the user’s hands and wrists, and has a large horizontal footprint when working in tight spaces,” according to a press release. The Clecall is said to be able to install clecos in tight areas with ease as well as on upside-down surfaces.

Braun said fellow home builders told him that hand and wrist pain is “just the way it’s always been” when working with large numbers of the fasteners. While building a Zenith 750 STOL in his garage, Braun began to worry that he might develop carpel tunnel syndrome. He created the design and prototype in 2012. The pliers are made in the United States.

The Clecall sells for $29.50 online and will be available through aviation tool retailers in the future. Volume discounts and wholesale pricing are available; contact the company for more details.

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