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Five apps help with helicopter pilot functions

Helicopter pilots are gaining more access to apps that handle functions similar to those in fixed-wing aircraft. Below are five apps that could come in handy. These are not endorsements of any apps.

ROTAIR FlightLog (free in iTunes)—Users of this smartphone app can use it as an electronic flight log and flight management tool. All logbook entries can be printed on paper or exported in the form of a PDF file like a conventional logbook.

Helicopter POF ($4.99 in iTunes)—This iPhone/iPad app helps students study for the helicopter principles of flight ground school. The app includes questions with detailed explanations, and allows users to take timed exams.

Helicopter Hazards and Safety Guide (free in iTunes)—This iPhone/iPad app serves as a reference guide for pilots on potential hazards and safety issues concerned with helicopters. It includes a guide to helicopter hazards, flight safety topics, and rotors running approach procedures.

Tim Tucker’s R44 Pad Raven Astro ($29.99 in iTunes)—This iPad app handles weight-and-balance, performance, and navigation calculations for helicopter pilots using all the necessary flight and performance data. It also helps with performance calculations.

X-Plane Helicopter ($4.99 in iTunes)—Tap your inner helicopter pilot with this iPhone/iPad app modeled after the popular X-Plane simulator. The Robinson R22, Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, and Bell AH-1 Attack Cobra are included.

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