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AOPA releases new digital flight planning tools

New online flight planner, mobile app now available


AOPA has released two new digital flight planning tools—the AOPA Flight Planner, powered by Jeppesen, and AOPA GO, a new mobile application. Both applications are available exclusively to AOPA members and are designed to complement the association's existing tools, AOPA Airports™ and AOPA Weather. AOPA GO and AOPA Flight Planner will sync pilot profile, aircraft profiles, waypoints, and flight plans across devices.

The AOPA Flight Planner is a Web-based application that serves as an efficient preflight planning tool for general aviation pilots. With multiple chart graphic and overlay options, the AOPA Flight Planner allows pilots to completely customize their view and get the information they need most to plan their flights. Overlays include real-time weather graphics, routing details, airspace and obstacles, ground references, and airports. Backed by the power of the Jeppesen flight planning engine, the AOPA Flight Planner offers key and member-favorite features such as drag-and-drop waypoint editing, route profile display (depicting route line, airspace, and winds aloft), user-defined waypoints, TFRs, .gpx route export, chart printing, and more.

AOPA GO is a new mobile application designed for iOS and Android devices that provides an optimized mobile experience for AOPA’s most popular flight planning tools—AOPA Airports, AOPA Weather, and select features from the AOPA Flight Planner. The app delivers the AOPA Airports directory locally on your device so it is always available, with or without an Internet connection. The weather and flight planning modules require an Internet connection. Weather charts and flight planning features provided through the app are selected for the best mobile experience. Not all Web application features are available in the mobile app.

It is important to note that AOPA GO is not an electronic flight bag application. It does not offer charts or approach plates, and not all flight planning features are available. It was designed as an on-the-go preflight resource, not a primary flight planning tool.

Users of the previous flight planning products—AOPA FlyQ Pocket and AOPA FlyQ Web—will have the opportunity to migrate their flight planning data into the new applications. The first time members log in (AOPA recommends logging into AOPA Flight Planner to perform the migration), their default pilot profile, all aircraft profiles, and user-defined waypoints will automatically be migrated. Members also will have the option to choose what flight plans are migrated: all existing flight plans, only existing “favorite” flight plans, no existing flight plans.

The AOPA FlyQ products will be retired later this year. FlyQ Pocket will be transferred to Seattle Avionics, the app developer, and will continue to be available to all pilots. While it will no longer be an AOPA product, current users should experience no interruption in usage or availability.

FlyQ Web will be available through Sept. 30, to allow all members time to become comfortable with the new flight planner. You can access FlyQ Web via a link at the top of the screen within the AOPA Flight Planner. No further developments will be made to this tool, and any information or flight plans updated or created with FlyQ Web will not be synced with AOPA GO or the AOPA Flight Planner.

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