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Tempus 'can produce better trained pilots'

Tempus Training Solutions, the flight training operation that purchased Redbird Flight Simulation’s Proflight Academy in October, is now accepting new aviation students, the company announced Dec. 17. The new school is a subsidiary of Tempus Applied Solutions LLC and is located at Redbird Skyport in San Marcos, Texas.

“At Tempus Training Solutions we are breaking the traditional paradigm for flight training. By leveraging technology and scenario-based instruction, we can produce better trained pilots at an affordable price,” Creig Rice, Tempus’s director of training, wrote in a news release.

Rice said the program’s four core pillars would include a predictable time and a fixed price, a simulator classroom with an airplane showroom, an emphasis on proficiency rather than hours, and a data-driven, FAA-certified curriculum.

He said Tempus would provide FAA Part 61 and Part 141 training for pilots seeking private and commercial certificates, and multiengine and instrument ratings, for those wishing to become certificated flight instructors. Programs range from an $11,500 four-week private pilot certificate through a 13- to 16-week professional pilot track that costs $56,000 and takes pilots through instrument, commercial, multiengine, and certificated flight instructor certificates.

Redbird had developed its flight training program into a full-fledged flight school and received many positive reviews by its students. Redbird sold its successful flight school to Tempus to concentrate on its core objectives of developing flight simulators and their training regimens. Tempus Training Solutions is utilizing the same Redbird devices and RedHawk aircraft that were formerly part of Redbird’s Proflight Academy.

When the sale was announced, Redbird CEO Todd Willinger told AOPA that the curriculum, data collection, and training automation would still involve Redbird. “It is still a laboratory for Redbird with the distinction that someone else is operating it.”

David Tulis
David Tulis
Senior Photographer
Senior Photographer David Tulis joined AOPA in 2015 and is a private pilot with single-engine land and sea ratings and a tailwheel endorsement. He is also a certificated remote pilot and co-host of the award-wining AOPA Hangar Talk podcast. David enjoys vintage aircraft ad photography.
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