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Air Safety Institute debuts seaplane, helicopter FIRC electives

Piper Cub on floatsAOPA’s popular electronic flight instructor refresher course (eFIRC) provides a customized way for flight instructors to fulfill their currency requirement by offering 13 pilot-selectable electives—including new seaplane and helicopter elements.

Developed by AOPA’s award-winning Air Safety Institute, the eFIRC syllabus offers instructors a variety of electives to fit their interests. In addition to the seaplane and helicopter elective added for 2015, the course also offers electives that have been built on existing Air Safety Institute courses, such as Teaching VFR into IMC avoidance, Aging Aircraft, Mountain Flying, Cockpit Weather, and Public Benefit Flying.

If an instructor has completed any of those courses within his or her two-year renewal window, the instructor will receive instant credit in the eFIRC—so instructors may already have some of their refresher course complete before even enrolling in the course.

“EFIRC is a great, innovative way to stay current as an instructor, and we’re really excited about offering the seaplane and helicopter electives for the first time,” said Kristine Hartzell, the Air Safety Institute’s chief flight instructor. “We’ve built on the basic course to allow CFIs to expand into the kind of flying that most interests them, and that best serves the needs of their students.”

The Air Safety Institute’s eFIRC is the only course that allows certificated flight instructors to begin their refresher program a full two years before their renewal date. That means CFIs can do the coursework when it fits their schedule, and they can take the eFIRC along with them on a laptop or mobile device. The renewal is also completely online so there’s no need to visit the notary or mail in paperwork at the end of the course.

Since 1950, AOPA’s Air Safety Institute has served all pilots—not just AOPA members—by providing free safety education programs, analyzing safety data, and conducting safety research. The institute offers award-winning online courses, nearly 200 live seminars annually throughout the United States, flight instructor refresher courses, webinars, accident case studies, and other materials to help pilots be safer and better informed.

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