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Light fantastic

  • A formation of Aeroshell Aerobatic Team T-6s banks away from the crowd. Photo by Mike Collins.
  • A young Italian pilot flew this glider routine. Photo by Mike Collins.
  • Even at night the sheen of Julie Clark's T-34 is apparent. Photo by Mike Collins.
  • Four T-6s turn onto a downline. Photo by Mike Collins.
  • Julie Clark lights up her polished T-34 with pyrotechnics. Photo by Mike Collins.
  • Sonex's Onex performs a night routine with pyrotechnics. Photo by Mike Collins.
  • T-6s of the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team climb in formation. Photo by Mike Collins.
  • The Aeroshell formation goes over the top in a loop. Photo by Mike Collins.
  • The Aeroshell T-6s climb into the twilight sky. Photo by Mike Collins.
  • The Aeroshell Aerobatic Team T-6s make a low pass. Photo by Mike Collins.
  • The jet-powered school bus emerges from a cloud of its own exhaust smoke. Photo by Mike Collins.
  • The roar of four T-6s seems even louder during a night airshow. Photo by Mike Collins.
  • Wild Blue, a Vans RV-8, performs in the night airshow. Photo by Mike Collins.
  • Wingtip pyrotechnics on her T-34 accentuate the finale of Julie Clark's performance.
  • You can't have a night airshow without a jet-powered vehicle. Photo by Mike Collins.

Twice each year, when the sun goes down over Oshkosh, Wisconsin, performers light up the sky. The night show has become a much-loved tradition during EAA AirVenture, a “skylight” of the week, as the Experimental Aircraft Association proudly proclaims on its website.

AOPA Technical Editor Mike Collins found a spot for his camera among the crowd at airshow center as Julie Clark, the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team, Wild Blue, a glider fitted with rockets, and an afterburning school bus lit up the darkness.

The July 22 event was the first of two night shows planned; if you missed it, there’s another edition in store July 25.

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