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AOPA member says, "Thanks AOPA!"AOPA member says, "Thanks AOPA!"

Says AOPA Aviation Finance found a lender "that understood me"Says AOPA Aviation Finance found a lender "that understood me"

When he was 16 years old, Jorge Gonzalez and his father passed by Lewis University Airport southwest of Chicago in their car. “We decided to stop in and inquire about flying lessons," Gonzalez said. "An instructor took me up in a Cessna 152 and that's all it took, I was hooked.”

He is currently a 600-hour private airplane and rotary-wing pilot with an instrument ratings, working now on his commercial certificate. “Now at 40 with three kids, I decided to buy a little something we can afford to introduce my kids to the wonderful world of flight,” he said. According to Gonzalez, “life gets in the way sometimes,” and he said he has a challenging credit history.

His first stop was to his local bank where he’d been a customer for 20 years. “I requested a loan, but was swiftly denied,” Gonzalez said. His credit has been good for six years, and he said he has been current on all his obligations.

Next, he contacted AOPA Aviation Finance and immediately got a response from loan specialist Victor Quarcoo. Gonzalez said, “I explained my situation and he diligently and successfully found a lender that understood me. Within a week I was funded and bought a little Experimental LSA Rans Airaile. Thanks, AOPA, for all the wonderful things you do.”

If you, like Jorge Gonzalez, have special circumstances when it comes to securing a loan, contact AOPA Aviation Finance at 800-62-PLANE or visit AOPA Aviation Finance’s friendly staff will speak your language and take the confusion out of buying an airplane. Don’t forget that using AOPA Aviation Finance not only helps you but also helps AOPA in its mission to keep GA airports open and support your right to fly.

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