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ePilot NBAA Special EditionePilot NBAA Special Edition

NOVEMBER 16, 2015




Hourly costs of 45 jets compared

In an exclusive report, AOPA talks to aircraft purchase advisor Conklin & de Decker to compare variable hourly operating costs for 45 business jets. They range from nearly $8,000 per hour to less than $1,000 per hour. Yes, that's the wet rate. Read more...  



Can you get a jet loan?

Banks got a scare when Fifth Third Bank took a $30 million hit on mid- and large-cabin jets this year. Can you still get a loan for a jet? The answer is yes, but it's complicated. There are alternatives for big players, but what about the personal jet owner? Read more...  



Honeywell reins in jet forecast

Honeywell's annual jet sales prediction shows the lowest 10-year forecast in several years, citing the overall lackluster economic recovery. North America remains the strongest area, especially for larger jets. Read more...  



FAA certifies Nextant G90XT

The FAA has granted certification of the Nextant G90XT just two years after Nextant Aerospace, based in Cleveland, announced it would refurbish King Airs. The aircraft has a single power lever, a quieter cabin, GE engines, and Garmin avionics. Read more...  



Pilatus boosts PC-12 NG

Pilatus has smoothed the PC-12 NG's airframe for speed, added a five-blade propeller for better takeoff and climb performance, and upgraded the cabin. Executive models go out the door at $4.8 million. Read more...  



Gulfstream unveils enhancements

Gulfstream has revised the G600 cabin in response to customer input during the past year, and added guidance software for tighter approaches in the G650 and G650ER. Read more...  



AOPA debuts Pro Pilot membership

AOPA Pro Pilot is a new level of membership designed to meet the exclusive needs of professional pilots. Read more... 



Sandel offers drop-in avionics suite

Sandel has developed an avionics suite for the King Air 200 that is installed as an already completed unit for $175,000. The Avilon flight deck includes a future path screen showing the altitude at which the aircraft will fly in three minutes and eliminates the need for wiring harnesses and racks. Read more...  



Wheels Up partners with air ambulance company

Wheels Up, the New York-based charter company using mostly King Airs with a few small Cessna jets tossed in, has partnered with a medical jet company. Read more...  



Arrive in style with flashy exteriors

A French company has developed programmable light panels that stick to the outside of an aircraft and can display designs or messages. What better way to arrive in Las Vegas for the National Business Aviation Association convention? Read more...  



New screens save cabin weight

In an effort to save weight in aircraft cabins, Flight Display Systems has created new one-inch-thick, 4K high-definition display screens. Read more...  



Aircraft Technical Publishers gets new owner, CEO

Aircraft Technical Publishers located in Chicago didn't have to go far to find a new owner and CEO. A Chicago-based private equity firm bought the company. Read more...  

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