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ePilot Sun 'n Fun 2016 Special EditionePilot Sun 'n Fun 2016 Special Edition

Sun 'n Fun

APRIL 5, 2016

Sun 'n Fun



Daher introduces new TBM 930

Pilots who want a new TBM now have two choices: the TBM 900 and the newly introduced TBM 930. The public got its first look at Daher's new TBM 930 at a ceremony at the TBM factory in Tarbes, France, April 5. A new TBM 930 is expected to be on display at the Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, Florida. Read more and watch a video...  



Lancair Evolution gets piston engine

Lancair has completed an idea interrupted by the recession of 2008—putting a piston engine on its turboprop Evolution. The aircraft will debut April 6 at Sun 'n Fun. Read more...  



RDD offers Lancair IV-P conversion

With all the extras owners wanted on their Lancair IV-P aircraft, stall speeds went up with the extra weight. RDD offers a conversion to solve that. The conversion includes new wings along with 46 other standard items. Read more...  



Hartzell buys Sky-Tec starters

Hartzell Engine Technologies has acquired the Sky-Tec brand of starters and solenoids. Production will be moved to Hartzell's Alabama facility in 2017 while Sky-Tec remains in Texas developing new products. Read more...  



Avidyne sales grow under new product launches

Avidyne is soaring with 40 percent year-over-year growth thanks to a healthy batch of new products and innovative features. Read more...  



Catching the sun

Warbirds, heavy haulers, vintage classics, and general aviation stalwarts took their places on ramps and grassy fields as Sun 'n Fun began April 5. Pilots and future pilots had a lot to feast their eyes on. AOPA Pilot Technical Editor Mike Collins provides a visual tour of the 2016 edition of one of GA's most-loved shows. Read more...  



'Every pilot's dream'

Sonex Aircraft JSX-2 jets were deployed to Sun 'n Fun to wow the airshow crowd and potential homebuilders. Read more...  



High school senior arrives at Sun 'n Fun in style

High school senior Taylor Avery landed at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in style April 5—riding in the back of a P–51 Mustang and waving as the warbird taxied to parking. Find out how he earned the honor. Read more...  



CAF brings B-17, Red Tails exhibit to Sun 'n Fun

The Commemorative Air Force is honoring veterans at Sun 'n Fun by bringing three wing units, a Boeing B-17, and the Rise Above traveling exhibit, a mobile theater that seeks to educate the public about the Tuskegee Airmen. Read more...  



Spanish gyrocopter debuts in US

For $100,000 you can build your own gyrocopter from Spain and fly it under the experimental category in the United States. Read more...  



Seminars highlight safety, ADS-B

There's a lot to see and do at Sun 'n Fun, but repeat visits to the AOPA Campus are well worth including in your plans. Daily seminars include expert advice on handling emergencies, upgrading for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, and much more. Don't forget to drop by for coffee with AOPA President Mark Baker April 6 at 8:30 a.m. Read more...  


Online resource

Visit AOPA staff at Sun 'n Fun

Stop by the AOPA Campus during Sun 'n Fun to learn how to take full advantage of your AOPA membership, meet AOPA staff, see what products and services best suit your aviation lifestyle, share what's on your mind, and take part in the many learning opportunities hosted throughout the week. Learn more...  

ePilot Editors:

Alyssa Miller
Jim Moore
David Tulis

Production Assistant:

Melissa Whitehouse


Mike Collins
Sarah Deener
Dave Hirschman
Tom Horne
Alton K. Marsh
Warren Morningstar
Dan Namowitz
Jill W. Tallman
Elizabeth Tennyson
Ian J. Twombly
Julie Summers Walker

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