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AOPA to award Reimagined Cessna 150 to a startup flying clubAOPA to award Reimagined Cessna 150 to a startup flying club

AOPA will give away a Reimagined Cessna 150 to a flying club that is just starting out on its mission of making flying fun and affordable for its members.

The award will be made to the club selected as the winner of AOPA’s Flying Club 150 Giveaway, AOPA President Mark Baker announced April 6 during a Pilot Town Hall at the Sun 'n Fun International Fly-in and Expo in Lakeland, Florida.

The deadline to apply is Sept. 1, and the winning club will be notified on or about Oct. 1.

“Flying clubs and Reimagined aircraft are great options to bring down costs and get pilots flying more,” Baker said. “By bringing them together we hope to get more pilots learning about flying clubs’ benefits, and help get a new flying club off the ground.”

Giving away a Reimagined Cessna 150 is the continuation of AOPA’s ongoing efforts to grow the pilot community by promoting ideas to lower the cost of flying and create a social environment in which pilots—new and returning aviators alike—can share their enthusiasm for flight. Having the right aircraft for the job is an essential component of that formula.

“Reimagined Aircraft” are older airplanes that have been updated from tip to tail. When owned and operated in a community setting such as a flying club, airplanes like Reimagined Cessna 150s and Cessna 152s can put flying within reach for many more people. 

“We want flying to be fun, affordable, and accessible. That’s why AOPA worked with Aviat Aircraft to develop the ‘Reimagined Aircraft’ concept,” said AOPA Senior Director of Pilot Community Development Les Smith.

To be eligible to win the Cessna 150 Giveaway, a flying club must meet several criteria and complete the online application. The criteria include having a minimum of four club members; having a named set of club officers including president, secretary, treasurer, safety officer, and maintenance officer; having a set of bylaws (drafts are acceptable); receiving a quote from AOPA Insurance; and being listed as a club in formation on AOPA’s Flying Club Finder.  

AOPA’s Flying Club initiative helped create 10 new flying clubs in 2015. And there are almost 700 flying clubs in the AOPA Flying Club Network today.

In 2015, AOPA’s Flying Club initiative also offered free scheduling software to network clubs and launched a new online library resource tool.

The Flying Club Network offers benefits including free scheduling software, a premium listing in the AOPA Flying Club Finder, exclusive insurance rates, and access to networking events. Whether you want to find out more about flying clubs in your area, join an existing club, or even start a new club, AOPA’s Flying Clubs Initiative can help.

For those who want to start a flying club or help an established club grow, AOPA announced the new resource library making available detailed information about starting and operating a flying club. The library’s resources help reduce the sometimes overwhelming process to clear, manageable steps corresponding to AOPA’s new checklist for starting a flying club. The library also includes sample bylaws, articles of incorporation, lease agreements, and other useful documents.

Pilots searching for the ideal flying club can use the newly updated AOPA Flying Club Finder’s filters to search for the precise kind of club and amenities they want to join. From flight training to tailwheel-equipped aircraft, to light sport flying, the new tool offers sophisticated search functions and updated interactive map features to help pilots quickly identify and connect with the right club. Anyone can use the Flying Club Finder—and there’s no fee to list a club.

“Being part of a club can help turn flying from an activity into a lifestyle,” Smith said. “Clubs can be social hubs with activities and adventures for the whole family. Clubs give pilots the means and the reasons to fly.”

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