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Sun 'n Fun news in briefSun 'n Fun news in brief

The M600 leads the new M Class of Piper airplanes.

Piper M600 proves speedy

Piper’s new M600 has hit its speed mark—and then some. The manufacturer had to redesign the internal structure of the wing after flight testing showed the new turboprop wasn’t hitting its promised 250-knot target top speed. At the Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, Florida, Piper said that certification is on target for later this year, and that they are seeing 274 knots in testing.

Rotax 915iS


Rotax 915 iS to enter ground testing

Since its introduction at EAA AirVenture 2016, Rotax has racked up more than 3,000 hours of bench testing—and 50 hours of flight testing—its new 135-horsepower, 915 iS turbocharged and intercooled engine. Rotax Manager of Aircraft Business Marc Becker said that the 915 iS is based on Rotax’s 912 iS engine, but its turbocharger lets the 915iS put out takeoff power up to 15,000 feet, and gives it a 23,000-foot service ceiling. Full takeoff power is limited to five minutes, however. The 185-pound engine has a target time between overhaul of 2,000 hours. First customer installations of the new engines should take place this summer for ground test purposes. By the end of 2016, the 915 iS will be approved for flight by certain customers, and deliveries of the engine to the mass market will begin in the second half of 2017, Rotax officials said.


Photo courtesy of Wipaire, Inc.

Trailblazer prop approved for Cessna T206H

Aircraft modification specialist Wipaire Inc., announced supplemental type certificate approval by the FAA to install Hartzell’s composite Trailblazer propeller on Cessna T206H models. The propeller has improved performance in testing, including an eight-percent reduction in ground roll or water run using C206 models with and without floats. Climb performance improved five percent, and the propeller also trims weight (up to 19 pounds) and removes the climb RPM limitation.Wipaire has locations in Minnesota and Florida, and can be found at Sun 'n Fun in booth MD-003D.

Photo courtesy of Lightspeed Aviation.


Lightspeed’s wireless Tango headsets prove popular

Lightspeed’s wireless Tango headsets are selling faster than the company expected and getting positive reviews among buyers, company officials said. The $850 headsets are particularly popular among helicopter crews who frequently get in and out of their aircraft and pilots and passengers in low-wing aircraft who no longer have to step over headset wires. “To have conquered the wireless thing is a pretty big deal," said Teresa De Mers, executive vice president for sales and marketing at the Oregon-based company. “Sales are exceeding our expectations.” Still, the company that makes a full headset line ranging from a $650 Sierra to the $1,050 Zulu PFX, probably hasn’t made its last wired headset. ”We want to provide a headset for every mission,” De Mers said.

Photo courtesy of EQ-1 Wireless Communications.


Wireless headset hub released

EQ-1 Wireless Communications has released the EQ-Multiplace Wireless Hub, which allows up to six EQ-1 wireless headsets to connect in full duplex mode through a single aircraft connection. The product is designed for tour operators, search and rescue crews, and others who want to connect multiple users within (or outside of) an aircraft. Each of the six headsets connected can stream independent audio inputs, and the product does not require installation. The lightweight hub comes with standard aviation or helicopter connections, and can be secured with Velcro.


Flight Design recommends ADS-B solution for its LSAs

Flight Design introduced new recommended Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) solutions for its aircraft. Current owners can choose FreeFlight Systems’ RANGR Lite FDL-978-TXL ($1,995) for ADS-B Out capability, and pair it with an ADS-B In solution via an iPad provider. Or, customers can opt for a RANGR Lite FDL-978-XVRL ($3,695) ADS-B In/Out box for a single, panel-mounted installation. New CTLSi models dubbed “2020” editions will come with ADS-B compliance via Dynon’s SV-261 remote 1090ES transponders and iPads using Garmin’s Pilot app and GDL 39 3D ADS-B In receiver.


Bose offers CFI rebate program

Bose is offering a special program for certificated flight instructors on the purchase of noise-canceling aviation headsets. CFIs can get a $125 rebate if they purchase an A20 headset with Bluetooth, or they can receive a $100 rebate on the purchase of an A20 headset without Bluetooth. Sign up at the Bose website.

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