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Light the nightLight the night

  • Passengers sit in the bombardier's nose compartment of the B-17 Texas Raiders just before engine start.
  • The Confederate Air Force's B-17 Texas Raiders is towed out for an evening flight.
  • The sky to the west, silhouetting a C-47, appears ominous as the show begins. Rain later would cancel the last act.
  • The Aerostars perform a night aerobatic routine in their Yak 52TW aircraft.
  • The Yak 52TWs of the Aerostars descend in a formation loop.
  • Dan Buchanan streams pyrotechnics from his ultralight aircraft. Buchanan is paraplegic.
  • Fireworks almost obscure Dan Buchanan's ultralight aircraft during his night performance.
  • Jerry Kerby's RV-8, Wild Blue, is illuminated by Whelan LED lights.
  • Bob Carlton's SubSonex jet is equipped with colored lights as well as pyrotechnics.
  • Pyrotechnics are ejected from Bob Carlton's SubSonex jet during his night performance.
  • Bob Carlton turns away from the crowd just before the night airshow ended. Rain forced cancellation of the last act.

When the sun goes down over the Sun 'n Fun International fly-In and Expo in Lakeland, Florida, there is still plenty of light to brighten the sky thanks to a long-running and well-loved tradition, the night airshow. Pyrotechnics and colored lights create a dazzling display above the crowd at show center. AOPA Technical Editor Mike Collins took in the sights with his cameras firing.

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