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Honeywell debuts new iPad appsHoneywell debuts new iPad apps

Advanced weather and flight planning for all types of pilotsAdvanced weather and flight planning for all types of pilots

When most people think of Honeywell they think of engines and integrated panels, but the company is looking to expand more into software with a suite of new mobile applications.

Each offers some features not seen on other applications. GoDirect Flight Preview is an approach-planning application. The application allows the user to see the entire approach sequence in a simulated 3-D synthetic terrain view. Each chart has profile and plan view simulations, making the age-old “chair flying” routine incredibly dynamic. Currently the application only offers government charts, but Jeppesen customers should expect to see more soon. A representative said 3-D weather and airspace overlays are also in the development plan.

GoDirect Flight Preview is available now from the Apple App Store, and costs $20 per year, per region.

Capitalizing on its extensive network of hardware deployed in the industry, as well as its Global Data Center, Honeywell is attempting to offer a flight planning application that includes dozens of unique features. The product is currently in Beta testing (sign up online to volunteer), but promises to offer some interesting features.

ADS-B and XM provide good coverage over the continental United States, but many pilots flying beyond the U.S. borders have limited on-board weather capability. With its new application Honeywell is gathering real-time radar returns from its RDR-4000 users and then pushing it back up to the application. Each aircraft shows a 320-mile arch from the ground to 60,000 feet. The result is like a window into the world that previously only jet pilots were able to see.

The application also will optimize the flight plan vertically fix by fix, based on winds on aircraft performance. Finally, the application will calculate what happens to total flight time when routing is changed, but before it’s finalized. So if a controller asks if you want to go direct, for example, you’ll be able to input that request in the application—which will take winds and performance into account—before deciding to accept the request.

A representative said other functions may include a fuel tankering calculator. Put in all your legs for the day and the application will calculate exactly how much fuel you should take at each stop in order to optimize performance and save money.

Ian J. Twombly

Ian J. Twombly

Ian J. Twombly is senior content producer for AOPA Media.
Topics: EAA AirVenture, Apps

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