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Bring a rusty pilot into the AOPA communityBring a rusty pilot into the AOPA community

Invite a rusty pilot into the AOPA community.Whether you have friends who aren’t flying as much as they’d like or know pilots who have stopped flying for a while, you can help them get back in the air as active pilots by bringing them into the AOPA community.

AOPA offers resources and programs for pilots who want to fly more and for pilots who want to start flying after a period of time away. And, just for sharing AOPA with those friends, you can earn points toward Amazon gift cards through AOPA Rewards that you can use for aviation-related or other purchases.

Through AOPA’s Rusty Pilots program, the association has helped more than 1,200 pilots return to active flying status since 2014. In 2015, more than 3,500 inactive pilots attended Rusty Pilots seminars to meet the ground requirements for the flight review, and 26 percent of them have said they are actively flying now.

By bringing your friends who are inactive pilots into the AOPA community, you can help the association get them back in the air—so that they can experience the joy of flight once again.

For your friends who want to fly more than they are currently able to do, AOPA offers other programs, such as the Flying Clubs Initiative to help lower the cost of flying so that pilots can spend more time in the air.

With your encouragement, and AOPA’s free resources, we can work together to strengthen the general aviation community and get more pilots back in the air. As a thank you for doing your part to share AOPA’s content with them via social media and email or by recruiting them to become members, you will get rewarded with points toward Amazon gift cards ranging from $5 to $60.

Sign up for AOPA Rewards and earn Amazon gift cards for doing what you love most—talking about flying! Four new member referrals will get you a $60 Amazon gift card! Go to to sign up today.

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