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AOPA enhances popular TurboMedical toolAOPA enhances popular TurboMedical tool

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Before your next flight physical, check out AOPA’s redesigned TurboMedical online tool. The members-only tool closely represents what you will see when you start to fill out FAA MedXpress online before you visit your aviation medical examiner.

TurboMedical allows you to fill in the same information you would fill in on the FAA form, but it will alert you to any responses that could be potentially disqualifying and prompt you to provide information that the AME might need during your evaluation. The redesigned tool includes an improved status bar to help you keep track of your progress throughout the application and lets you search AOPA’s online medications database to see if the medications you are reporting require any documentation to be submitted to the FAA. This new iteration also includes improved functionality in reporting your medical history and visits to health professionals.

AOPA members have been using TurboMedical as a pre-medical application planning tool since 2001. The tool is equally valuable today before submitting the FAA’s online MedXpress application.

“MedXpress won’t alert you to potential problems that you should address before you visit your AME,” said Gary Crump, AOPA director of medical services. “Completing TurboMedical first can save you a lot of time and hassle by alerting you to potential conditions or medications that might require extra paperwork so that you can gather the needed information before going to your AME.”

Alyssa J. Miller

Alyssa J. Miller

AOPA Director of eMedia and Online Managing Editor
AOPA Director of eMedia and Online Managing Editor Alyssa J. Miller has worked at AOPA since 2004 and is an active flight instructor.
Topics: Pilot Health and Medical Certification

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