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Appareo ESG gets TSO approvalAppareo ESG gets TSO approval

Initial STC to follow

Appareo announced this week that its Stratus ESG transponder has received technical standard order (TSO) authorization from the FAA. The Stratus ESG is a panel-mounted 1090-MHz Mode S extended squitter transponder that allows aircraft owners to meet the FAA’s January 1, 2020, mandate requiring Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out to fly in airspace where a transponder is required today. The transponder incorporates an ADS-B rule-compliant WAAS GPS receiver.
The recently certified Stratus ESG transponder is shown with the new Stratus 2i ADS-B receiver and an Apple iPad. Photo courtesy of Appareo.

With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $2,995 MSRP, Appareo said the Stratus ESG is the industry’s most affordable panel-mounted 1090 ES transponder providing compliance with the 2020 mandate. A GPS antenna is included in the price.

Simultaneously with the TSO certification, the company announced a kit option for the transponder. The Stratus ESGi kit includes the TSOed transponder and a non-certified ADS-B In receiver designed to work only with the Stratus ESG transponder. When connected to Stratus ESG, the Stratus 2i receiver provides ADS-B In data and AHRS capabilities on the ForeFlight Mobile app.

“We’re excited to be offering a new kit option to include both ADS-B In and Out,” said Kris Garberg, Appareo’s director of sales. “This kit will enable a lot of non-glass-panel aircraft owners to enjoy the benefits of ADS-B In while complying with the 2020 mandate for ADS-B Out—affordably.”

The Stratus ESGi kit is priced at $3,495. Aircraft owners also have the option of using an existing Stratus receiver, which will depict all available traffic information when the aircraft is equipped with ADS-B Out functionality.

Appareo anticipates that the lead supplemental type certificate for its approved model list STC (AML STC), covering the Cessna 172, will be approved this week. That initial STC will include the Cessna 172 through the 172S model. The company said the most popular Cessna, Piper, Beech, and Mooney models will be added to the AML STC soon. However, installations on most general aviation aircraft types can begin immediately following issuance of the lead STC, following the guidance provided in the FAA’s March 2, 2016, “Installation Approval for ADS-B OUT Systems” memorandum.

The ESG is Appareo’s first TSOed ADS-B Out product. However, the company has made ADS-B In receivers for several years, and it has made other certified avionics.

“Many aircraft owners aren’t familiar with Appareo or aware that we have more than a decade of experience working on FAA-certified products. However, many of them are familiar with the Stratus product line and the work we’ve done to bring affordable ADS-B In technology to the market,” said David Batcheller, president and COO.

“Our goal with Stratus ESG was to have the best value ADS-B Out avionic to complement our industry-leading ADS-B In technology. We made a tremendous commitment to design, engineer and manufacture it here in the United States. This allows us to deliver the high standard of quality that people have come to expect with Stratus products,” Batcheller added.

Appareo has a network of almost 280 authorized dealers that are selling the transponder and scheduling installations. For additional information or to find a dealer, visit the website.

Mike Collins

Mike Collins

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