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Dynon announces SkyView HDXDynon announces SkyView HDX

Company offers savings on navigation softwareCompany offers savings on navigation software

Dynon Avionics has a new top-of-the-line glass cockpit system called SkyView HDX for experimental and light sport aircraft that includes upgraded touchscreens and improved ergonomics. It is compatible with older Dynon components.
Dynon SkyView HDX

Upgrades include higher-resolution touchscreen displays, wider viewing angles, and improved anti-reflective surfaces. An angled control panel improves hand positioning. All controls are now backlit for night flight. The touchscreen is backed up by manual controls. An engine monitoring band along the bottom of the screen improves instrument scan, the company claims.

The display includes simplified icons for touch control. The SkyView HDX will be available in 7-inch and 10-inch touchscreen models. The 7-inch display costs $3,190, while the 10-inch display costs $4,490. The unit will begin shipping in the fall of 2016.

All SkyView Touch, SkyView Classic, and AF-5000 series displays now include navigation mapping capabilities. This equals a savings of $500 per system compared to previous pricing, where the mapping software was an additional separate $500 purchase.

In addition, Dynon is offering SkyView software Version 15 with extended runways on maps, highway-in-the-sky navigation, airport signposts in synthetic vision, airspace proximity notifications, and visual navigation provided by SkyView’s flight plan to a point either above the airport or right to the runway.

In other Dynon news, the EAA supplemental type certificate has been expanded to include the Dynon Electronic Flight Instrument System D100 on additional certified aircraft. The 7-inch primary flight display is already approved for the Cessna 150, 152, 172, and Piper PA-28 and Piper PA-38 series aircraft. With the STC’s release by EAA at AirVenture, the approved model list expands to include Cessna 175, 177, 182, and Piper PA-24 and PA-32 models. The full approved model list includes many variants of each type, including retractable-gear models. For a full list of approved aircraft, visit Dynon's website. The cost is $3,195.

Dynon EFIS-D100
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