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ePilot You Can Fly Sweepstakes Special EditionePilot You Can Fly Sweepstakes Special Edition

AOPA 2015 You Can Fly Sweepstakes Cessna 152


AOPA You Can Fly Sweepstakes


Missionary wins Cessna 152

Eric Peterson, a missionary pilot who has operated search-and-rescue, disaster relief, and humanitarian flights for almost 40 years, was awarded the AOPA 2015 You Can Fly Sweepstakes top prize, a Reimagined Cessna 152, at a surprise presentation March 22 in North Carolina. Read more...  



You Can Fly Sweepstakes FAQs

Ever wonder what goes into identifying the sweepstakes winner? Check out answers to these frequently asked questions and find out how Eric Peterson was selected as the winner. Read more...  



AOPA launches 172 remake

Now that AOPA's Reimagined 152 has found a new home, it's time to focus on the next sweepstakes airplane, a Cessna 172. Read more...  

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