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AOPA launches new website to better serve pilotsAOPA launches new website to better serve pilots

AOPA has redesigned its website to help provide you with the tools, information, and inspiration to keep you doing what you love—flying.

AOPA launches a new website to better serve pilots.

The new website makes it easier for you to find the content you are looking for; features award-winning photography and a larger font to make the site easier to read and enjoy; and promotes popular flight planning and safety tools that are useful to you as pilot in command.

AOPA reorganized the website so that you can access the information you want with fewer clicks. So, where are your favorite tools, resources, and courses located now? Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help get you started so that you can see how easily you can navigate the new website.

Go Fly

The Go Fly section has everything you need to, well, go flying! It has all of AOPA’s flight planning tools—AOPA Flight Planner, AOPA Go, Weather, AOPA Airports, Flight Risk Evaluator. It also has a new Destinations section full of articles and videos that will give you new flying adventure ideas. Medical resources, such as TurboMedical, medications database, and other information regarding your medical certification, will help keep you in the left seat as PIC. And, finally, aircraft resources such as Vref, information about buying and selling airplanes, and aircraft fact sheets, will help you with all of your aircraft needs.

News and Media

The News and Media section is your one stop for your flying fix—beautiful photography, inspiring videos and features, and the latest news affecting general aviation are featured here. 

All of AOPA’s publications, stories, and videos are combined in the News and Media section. Now, you can find AOPA Pilot, AOPA Pilot Turbine Edition, and Flight Training magazines all in one location. AOPA Live This Week and AOPA Live videos as well as archives of AOPA ePilot and AOPA ePilot Flight Training Edition are also located in the section.

Training and Safety

Popular online courses, quizzes, webinars, seminars, podcasts, videos, and safety publications from the AOPA Air Safety Institute and Pilot Information Center are organized in the Training and Safety section to make it easy for you to access educational content to make you a better, safer pilot. An enhancement to the website targets educational resources to your stage of flying: students, active pilots, professional pilots, and lapsed pilots. Information geared toward flight schools is also located here.


In the Community section, you’ll find information to help you connect with other pilots in person and online. Find out about AOPA Fly-Ins, Air Safety Institute in-person seminars, Rusty Pilots seminars, aviation events near you, and flying clubs. Also, learn how to connect with AOPA and other pilots on the go through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


AOPA works to protect your freedom to fly every day. Here, you can learn more about AOPA’s advocacy efforts to help you as a pilot through medical and airman certification changes, aircraft certification and environmental regulations, and airports and airspace changes around the country. Plus, you can find ways to get involved with AOPA through the Political Action Committee and learn more about efforts on Capitol Hill such as FAA reauthorization and third class medical reform.

We understand it will take a bit to adjust to the new website. If you have any difficulties with the new website or stumble across a broken link or missing images, please report it to AOPA’s web team. We are committed to providing you with the best user experience possible.

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