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AOPA honors momsAOPA honors moms

Being a mom is the toughest, most selfless job in the world. A mom is a chef, caregiver, carpool driver, friend, teacher, coach, therapist, and so much more. The list is endless! She goes above and beyond to care for her family, often asking for nothing in return.

As we get ready to honor our mothers this weekend, AOPA would like to applaud the achievements of moms who, on top of everything else, are also pilots. We have many exceptional pilot moms who work at AOPA, and a few share their stories below.

Jill is an AOPA technical editor and an instrument-rated private pilot who owns a Piper Cherokee 140. She has two children, Maddie and William.

AOPA Pilot Mom Jill Tallman

“My daughter and my son flew with me while I was training to be a pilot. I wanted them to experience everything that flying has to offer. Aviation has taught my daughter that she can go anywhere by her own will, and that women belong in male-dominated fields. For my son, it’s been a way to share special experiences, such as flying down to the Outer Banks or to Atlantic City to see an Aerosmith concert. Some of our best trips have been by general aviation.”

Toni Mensching is director of the AOPA Pilot Information Center, and a commercial pilot, flight instructor, and former airline pilot. Her two young daughters are Elizabeth and Liberty.

AOPA Pilot Mom Toni Mensching

“I recently took my daughters on their first flight in which I was their pilot (pictured). We flew out to Nashville for the annual Women in Aviation Convention. During our next commercial flight, the girls made a keen observation about how much time could be saved by having mommy fly them instead. ‘Mommy,’ they said, ‘it’s a lot easier to walk from the car to our own plane. Why do we have to wait in lines everywhere at big airports?’

“My daughters’ everyday crafts, reading, and studies frequently incorporate airplanes, helicopters, airports and runways. At five and seven years old, they’ve had aeronautical engineers, astronauts, airline captains, and airshow pilots as friends and mentors. One of Elizabeth’s first career goals is to be a ‘space doctor,’ and today she told me science is her favorite subject at school. Liberty’s first career goal is to be a helicopter pilot.” 

Paula Wivell is AOPA’s Dispatch Coordinator and a private pilot.  Here she is with her daughter, Amanda.

AOPA Pilot Mom Paula Wivell

“My daughter flew with me a few times while I was training to be a pilot. As a working mom pursuing my private pilot’s license, I wanted her to know that with hard work and persistence you can achieve anything, no matter your age. Life is too short to be squandered. Do what makes you happy and be happy with what you do. “

AOPA would like to express our deep gratitude for all the women who help to promote and sustain general aviation. Happy Mother’s Day from AOPA!

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