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CubCrafters service centers to install parachutesCubCrafters service centers to install parachutes

Six centers approved for BRS retrofit

CubCrafters announced retrofit airframe parachutes in May for light sport and experimental aircraft, and now they can be installed at any of six service centers across the country.

CubCrafters now offers airframe parachute retrofits at six service centers around the country. Parachutes can be purchased for the LSA Sport Cub and Carbon Cub SS models (shown here), and the Carbon Cub EX, EX-2, and FX models. Photo courtesy of CubCrafters.

A nationwide fleet of some 400 experimental and light sport CubCrafters airplanes are now eligible for retrofit airframe parachutes at service centers throughout the nation. The work no longer must be done by the factory in Yakima, Washington, although that location will continue to do installations.

Centers are located in Florida, California, Washington (where the factory is located), Texas, Oklahoma, and Minnesota. Only four or five installations were accomplished when the installation was restricted to the factory in Yakima. The company has purchased 20 of the airframe parachute systems for installation. In an emergency, the pilot pulls a lever that ignites a rocket to pull the chute out of its canister, and the aircraft is lowered to the ground.

Company President Randy Lervold said he is unsure how many owners may order the retrofit. He added that two recent sales of new aircraft depended on a parachute system being available.

“Now, an owner in Florida doesn’t have to fly his aircraft to Yakima,” Lervold said.

A CubCrafters aircraft floats under a BRS airframe parachute.

The company also manufacturers fully certified aircraft, but those are not certificated for airframe parachutes. The airframe parachutes are available for production Sport Cub and Carbon Cub SS aircraft as well as the company’s Carbon Cub FX Builder Assist model and its EX and EX-2 kits.

Two retrofit models are available: One is for the LSA Sport Cub and Carbon Cub SS weighing up to 1,320 pounds (1,430 pounds on floats) that may be fitted with a parachute system weighing 41.4 pounds and priced at $15,990 installed; the other is for Carbon Cub EX, EX-2, and FX experimental aircraft weighing up to 1,865 pounds that can be fitted with a system weighing 43.5 pounds priced at $11,990 as a kit, or $15,990 installed.

Alton Marsh

Alton K. Marsh

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Alton K. Marsh is a former senior editor of AOPA Pilot and is now a freelance journalist specializing in aviation topics.
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