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Yingling Aviation announces dealer network for Ascend 172Yingling Aviation announces dealer network for Ascend 172

Yingling Aviation in Wichita, Kansas, announced that it has launched a dealer network to sell its remanufactured Cessna 172s. 

Ascend 172

Air Orlando Aircraft Sales Inc. of Orlando, Florida, and Suburban Aviation Inc. of Toledo, Ohio, will sell the aircraft, known as Ascend 172s, and provide customer support.

“One of the things we have learned during the past year…is that potential customers, especially flight schools and flying clubs, are looking for quick, responsive, and local service providers and maintenance expertise that will keep their re-manufactured airplanes performing at peak efficiency,” said Lynn Nichols, Yingling chairman and chief executive officer.

“They want easy access to, and a familiarity with the people who sold them the airplanes. The answer for that is, of course, to create a network of experienced and motivated professionals who share our same knowledge, training, and standards, so we made that a priority, too,” Nichols said.

Yingling’s Ascend 172 initiative was launched in 2015. The program is Yingling’s response to the aviation industry’s growing effort to transform legacy airframes into like-new airplanes that can be sold at lower prices. Yingling starts with a Cessna 172N airframe, overhauls the Lycoming O-320 engine; replaces the starter, alternator, and vacuum pump; overhauls the propeller; transforms the interior with new upholstery, glareshield, and carpeting; and replaces all flight instruments. The program is profiled in the February 2016 issue of AOPA Pilot. AOPA’s 2017 sweepstakes airplane is an Ascend 172 whose progress is detailed in AOPA Pilot and online.

“Trying to deliver a top-quality product at a price point desired by the customer is a struggle all industries face,” said Air Orlando President Mike Long. “We feel the Ascend 172 meets that challenge, providing a thoroughly inspected, tested, and upgraded aircraft suitable for flight training and private ownership.”

Suburban Aviation President Tom Trumbull said the company is excited to be part of the Ascend 172 network. “First of all, flight schools want to have airplanes that have the technology—the glass panels and the latest avionics—but in recent years they haven’t been able to afford them.

“We used to have great success identifying individuals who wanted to have the ownership experience and who were willing to lease back their airplanes for flight instruction, but the numbers don’t add up when you’re talking about today’s $400,000 purchase prices for a new trainer,” Trumbull said. “The Ascend 172 is making leaseback possible again….It will allow flight schools to re-tool with the new technology and have the economic benefit of leaseback partners again.”

Jill W. Tallman

Jill W. Tallman

AOPA Technical Editor
AOPA Technical Editor Jill W. Tallman is an instrument-rated private pilot who owns a Piper Cherokee 140.
Topics: Ownership, Flight Training

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