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April 21, 2017, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletterApril 21, 2017, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletter

VOL 19, ISSUE 16 April 21, 2017
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Top Stories
Legacy of Solar Impulse takes flight
Solar Impulse co-founder and pilot André Borschberg spent five days and nights in a cockpit while traversing the Pacific Ocean, among many legs he flew during a successful solar-powered circumnavigation in 2015 and 2016. He now has something a bit more practical in mind. (Photo courtesy of H55.) Read more >
AOPA Live This Week
Island hop, Red Bull race party in San Diego
AOPA members partied by the bay as the Red Bull Air Race World Championship returned to San Diego; fly along on a short hop across the water to Catalina, a destination to top off your experience at the first AOPA Fly-In of 2017 at California's Camarillo Airport. Also this week, watch an affordable autopilot recover from an inverted attitude. Watch AOPA Live This Week®, April 20 >
AOPA Fly-Ins
Pilot Getaways
Catalina Island: More than a lunch stop
The most popular $100 hamburger stop for Southern California pilots is probably the Airport in the Sky on Catalina Island. But most pilots leave after lunch and miss out on the island's unique experiences. Fly out to Catalina Island after AOPA's Fly-In April 28 and 29 in Camarillo. Read more >
Watch the fly-in procedures for Camarillo
AOPA's first Fly-In of 2017 kicks off in Camarillo, California, April 28 and 29. Make sure you are ready for a safe arrival by viewing the AOPA Air Safety Institute's fly-in procedures. Pilots should plan to arrive before 7:30 p.m. each day because the airport closes at sunset. At the end of the video, download the pilot information packet that contains the procedures, notam, kneeboard guide, and windscreen insert. Watch the video >
Technique and Safety
Focus on fuel management
With nearly 70 fuel-related general aviation accidents per year, fuel mismanagement warrants concern. To help promote best practices in fueling, the AOPA Air Safety Institute's new Fuel Management Made Easy video, brought to you by Air BP, explores how to prevent fuel contamination, monitor fuel consumption, and manage fuel systems. Learn to combat unsafe mindsets and habits. Watch the video >
AOPA Premier Partner created content
Do you know the Swiss Army Knife of pilot math?
Quick math can help determine navigation choices more efficiently than looking at a screen—if you know how to do it. This AOPA Premier Partner PilotWorkshops video explains a simple math technique every pilot should know that is useful in a variety of situations such as avoiding weather, calculating descent angles, and planning approaches. Watch the video >
More safety products
Fairness for Pilots Act introduced in House
U.S. Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.) and three original co-sponsors have introduced the Fairness for Pilots Act in the House of Representatives, following the introduction of identical legislation in the Senate in March by Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.). Read more >
Safety recommendations target pirep system
Pilot weather reports are vital to a complete picture of in-flight weather. However, the system that collects and distributes them is plagued by inefficiencies, according to a National Transportation Safety Board special investigation report. Read more >
Florida lawmakers worried by Lantana flight restrictions
A Florida congresswoman concerned about the escalating cost of President Donald Trump's weekend excursions to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach suggested in a letter that he "lead by example" and either curtail the journeys or reimburse local officials for their economic losses. Read more >
AOPA, owners' groups, FAA discuss mandatory service bulletin
AOPA and several aircraft owners' groups will submit recommendations to the FAA about an airworthiness concern sheet and corresponding mandatory service bulletin that calls for owners of many Continental Motors IO-520, IO-550, and some IO-470 engines to replace certain camshaft gears before the next engine overhaul. Read more >
Pilot Protection Services
What does BasicMed mean for pilots with certain medical conditions?
The top question on many pilots' minds is what BasicMed means for them, with their special circumstances or combination of medical conditions. Gary Crump, director of the AOPA Pilot Information Center's Medical Certification Section, explains the conditions that will require a one-time special issuance. Read more >
Check your medicine against AOPA's medications database
If you take medication, check to see if it is in AOPA's medications database to make sure the FAA permits pilots to fly while taking it. Some medications are fine, some require wait periods, and others are prohibited. Read more >
Pilot magazine
ADS-B: Broadcast clarity
The FAA's Office of the Chief Counsel's legal interpretation clarifies Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) requirements for operators of aircraft without electrical systems. The FAA has mandated ADS-B Out equipage after Jan. 1, 2020, for flight in airspace where a transponder is required today. Read more >
'Fly Like a Girl': Inspiring a new generation
Opinion Leaders blogger Jolie Lucas goes behind the scenes of the Fly Like a Girl documentary that's in the works to inspire girls and women to become pilots. Read more >
Garmin created content
Solo with Nick Mason of Pink Floyd
Nick Mason, founding member and drummer for the rock group Pink Floyd, is an accomplished helicopter pilot—and he just completed a full Garmin retrofit on his Eurocopter AS350 B3. Read about how he developed his interest in flying, his transition to rotorcraft, and the benefits his new Garmin panel provides.  Read more >
Gleim introduces virtual cockpit home simulation platform
For those who want to practice flying at home, Gleim Aviation recently announced the Gleim Virtual Cockpit all-in-one simulation platform. Read more >
Register for 'Flying in Alaska' webinar
Spectacular mountains, breathtaking coastlines, and the challenges of bush flying await pilots who fly in Alaska. Find out how to take in the scenery safely and confidently during a livestream with AOPA Senior Vice President of Media and Outreach Tom Haines and AOPA Alaska Regional Manager Tom George May 10 at 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Register today >
News and Notes
Japan's Muroya wins San Diego Red Bull Air Race
Japanese pilot Yoshihide "Yoshi" Muroya, who funded his aerobatic career by teaching others to fly sailplanes, powered his Edge 540 V3 to victory in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship's April 16 race in San Diego. Read more >
Remos, Stemme merge
Light sport manufacturer Remos AG and glider manufacturer Stemme AG have merged, the companies announced April 12. The company is operating under the name Stemme AG and will continue to market existing products under their current brand names. Read more >
New Arizona show to launch in May
Organizers hope an airport that became the end of the line for, and still hosts, a few Beechcraft Starships will help launch a new general aviation show.  Read more >
Aileron hinge AD ordered for some Decathlons
The FAA has adopted an airworthiness directive (AD) affecting some American Champion Aircraft Corp. Model 8KCAB airplanes prohibiting aerobatic flight and requiring inspection of aileron hinge rib and support structures. The AD was implemented in response to an event in which a pilot experienced a stuck aileron in flight. Read more >
Correction: AOPA incorrectly stated the date of former AOPA Regional Manager Craig Dotlo's death. He died late March 30. We regret the error.
Career Opportunities
Aviation job board
Job of the week: Aviation maintenance technology instructor
Portland Community College in Oregon is looking for an aviation maintenance technology instructor at its Rock Creek Campus. The successful candidate will be able to teach a broad range of aviation maintenance technology courses, mentor part-time faculty in the department, and demonstrate a commitment to the college's mission. This position will start in the fall 2017 term. Read more >
AOPA career opportunities
Join the AOPA team
Ever dream of turning your passion for aviation into a career? AOPA is looking for a legislative affairs vice president, temporary UAS program coordinator, safety program coordinator, director of philanthropy, customer service representative, airports and state advocacy vice president, flight training business support senior director, flight training technology senior director, aviation insurance sales director, executive office manager, project manager, UI/front-end developer, legal services plan attorney, travel and destination products director, and part-time administrative assistant. To learn more about these and other AOPA career opportunities, visit AOPA Online >
Question of the Week

Can an instructor log a student's landings toward his or her own currency?
No. Landings can be logged only by the sole manipulator of the controls. Therefore, the only landings an instructor can log toward his or her currency are those he or she performs. See this FAA Letter of Interpretation.

Got a question for our technical services staff? Contact AOPA.
Education & Seminars
Flight Instructor Refresher Courses
May 6-7 Albany, New York; Hollywood, Florida; and Pensacola, Florida
May 20-21 Conroe, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; and Sacramento, California
Jun 3-4 Charlotte, North Carolina; Columbus, Ohio; and Tempe, Arizona
Jun 10-11 Lake Mary, Florida; and Santa Clara, California
For a complete schedule, see AOPA Online. Can't make it in person? Sign up for the Air Safety Institute's Online eFIRC.
Safety Seminars
Apr 25 Zionsville, Indiana
Apr 26 West Lafayette, Indiana
May 1 Hampton, Virginia
May 2 Tampa, Florida; and Brandy Station, Virginia
Topics vary—for details and a complete schedule, see AOPA Online.
Rusty Pilots Seminars
Apr 22 Oakland, California; Trenton, New Jersey; Melbourne, Florida; Morristown, Tennessee; Evansville, Indiana; Bessemer, Alabama; and Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania
Apr 28 Camarillo, California
Apr 29 Stevensville, Maryland; Camarillo, California; Corvallis, Oregon; Chamblee, Georgia; Blaine, Minnesota; Cape Girardeau, Missouri; Live Oak, Florida; Longmont, Colorado; and Savoy, Illinois
May 6 Renton, Washington; Tampa, Florida; West Palm Beach, Florida; Appleton, Wisconsin; Cincinnati, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Groveland, California; West Chicago, Illinois; and Gypsum, Colorado
For a complete schedule, see AOPA Online.
Aviation Calendar
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