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August 4, 2017, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletterAugust 4, 2017, issue of 'AOPA ePilot' weekly newsletter

VOL 19, ISSUE 31 August 4, 2017
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Top Stories
Blue Origin wows
What would you pay for an 11-minute experience that launches you into suborbital space for about four minutes of weightlessness followed by a landing under canopy about two miles from where you took off? The folks at Blue Origin hope your answer is "A lot!" Read more >
Kitty Hawk electric ultralight debuts
The Kitty Hawk electric prototype ultralight demonstrated at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in July looks more like a flying king-size mattress than an aircraft. Regardless of its aesthetics, the vehicle was flown to the sound of great cheers from dozens of spectators at a time during multiple tests at the show. Read more >
AOPA Live This Week
'Spirit' replica; Redbird upgrades instruction
New York's Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome has added another reason to visit: Check out the replica of Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis. Also this week, see what Redbird has done to bring artificial intelligence to flight training, and AOPA gets a first look at the Kitty Hawk, which is no ordinary ultralight. Watch AOPA Live This Week®, Aug. 3 >
EAA AirVenture
Unusual prototype lands at Oshkosh
One of the most unusual warbirds at EAA AirVenture took one of the most circuitous paths to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Keith and Kathy Brunquist of Wasilla, Alaska, brought the Boeing YL-15 Scout prototype. Read more >
AirVenture Blues
A record-setting EAA AirVenture crowd topped 600,000 for the week of July 24 through 30, and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels returned to wow them. View the slideshow >
Light sport Eagle Viper SD4 costs less than $90,000
Eagle International Aircrafts introduced the light sport Eagle Viper SD4 to European pilots 10 years ago as a side product for its heavy machinery parent company. The $89,900 low-wing aircraft, now available in the United States, has since evolved into one of the "most attractive aircraft" in the sector, said general manager Adrian Lecky. Read more >
Merlin aircraft making gains
Pilot Chip Erwin described progress on the Merlin aircraft designed to lower the cost of flying. The Merlin cruises at 110 mph with higher wing loading and a higher power-to-weight ratio than a typical light sport aircraft, and it costs $100,000 less than a traditional LSA. Read more >
Vulcanair single expected to battle Cessna 172
Vulcanair introduced a four-place, high-wing, entry-level Cessna 172 lookalike to the U.S. market at EAA AirVenture, and boasted that the aircraft could do everything a Skyhawk could do—plus a little bit more—for about $100,000 less. Read more >
Tecnam announces series of product updates
Tecnam announced several updates to new and existing models during EAA AirVenture. Read more >
Super Cub Sweepstakes excites at AirVenture
Place a bright yellow-and-black Super Cub on amphibious floats opposite EAA AirVenture's iconic brown arch, and you have an attention grabber that draws thousands of pilots. Read more >
You Can Fly
AviationWorks4U provides road map to aviation career
Representatives from the Experimental Aircraft Association, the Air Line Pilots Association, and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association said their organizations are supporting AOPA's You Can Fly High School Initiative, which teaches high school students aviation concepts with a fun and interactive science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum. Read more >
Amazon delivers drone integration pitch
One of more than a dozen drone models Amazon is developing to facilitate half-hour delivery by Prime Air made an appearance at EAA AirVenture in the company's first effort to win the support of general aviation one pilot at a time. Read more >
AOPA Fly-Ins
Online resource
Get hands-on training at Norman Fly-In workshops
Gain a better understanding of the weather and tour the National Weather Center; participate in a ground school to help you prepare for your next instrument proficiency check; learn how to make your airplane a centerpiece of your relationships; and get your hands dirty as you learn aircraft maintenance during all-day workshops on Friday, Sept. 8, at the Norman, Oklahoma, AOPA Fly-In. Seminars will continue during the fly-in on Saturday, Sept. 9. Learn more and register today >
Technique and Safety
Leverage lift, appreciate angle of attack
Aerobatic training can help with unusual attitude recovery but won't enable recovery from an inadvertent spin in the traffic pattern. The new AOPA Air Safety Institute Stall and Spin Accidents: Keep the Wings Flying study explores causes of, and misconceptions about, stalls and spins in general aviation aircraft. The report also recommends improvements in stall recognition training. Read the report >
Gear trouble
Lee Lauderback, formerly the late Arnold Palmer's chief pilot, is owner and chief pilot of Stallion 51, a North American P-51 Mustang operation in Orlando, Florida. In this installment of the AOPA Air Safety Institute's There I was... podcast, Lauderback recalls a landing gear emergency in a TF-51 Mustang. Learn how he evaluated the situation and took action. Listen to the podcast >
King Schools updates training course
The benefits of being a Cessna Pilot Center just got better. King Schools, which creates exclusive materials for the manufacturer-sponsored training network, announced at EAA AirVenture that it is rolling out a host of new student management and tracking features. Read more >
AOPA members get King drone discount
King Schools is now offering its Part 107 remote pilot knowledge test prep course at a discount exclusively for AOPA members. Read more >
'It was all too much'
There are many ways to learn the new avionics installed in your aircraft—but while flying might not be the best time to start. Read more >
Engine emergency at night
"Cleveland Center, N613JM, do you copy? I'm declaring an emergency!" In the AOPA Air Safety Institute's Real Pilot Story: Engine Failure at Night, pilot Emanuel Kanal recounts how he, his passenger/wife, and air traffic control secured a positive outcome. Watch the video >
ATC privatization threat takes no holiday
Although the U.S. House of Representatives is on a five-week recess, the threat of a privatized air traffic control system has not faded. "Pilots must remain diligent in contacting their members of Congress to oppose the proposed bill," said AOPA President Mark Baker. Read more >
Inhofe credits GA pilots with delaying ATC privatization movement
Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) credits general aviation pilots with slowing the momentum of air traffic control privatization in the House—but he said more must be done to protect the freedom to fly. Read more >
Huerta exits AirVenture
FAA Administrator Michael Huerta, making his final appearance at EAA AirVenture in that official capacity, reflected on his tenure in the post and offered some advice for aviators, and his successor, during public remarks July 27. Read more >
Flight restrictions set during presidential vacation
The FAA has set temporary flight restrictions from Aug. 4 to 21 in the Bedminster, New Jersey, area for President Donald Trump's vacation at his Trump National Golf Club Bedminster. Read more >
Bad bushings prompt Lycoming mandatory service bulletin
AOPA has reached out to the FAA, engine manufacturer Lycoming, and owners of some Lycoming-powered aircraft to better understand the risk, explore methods of compliance, and consider costs associated with a mandatory service bulletin issued to identify connecting rods with non-conforming small end bushings. Read more >
Leidos seeks flight service feedback from pilots
Leidos Flight Service is seeking feedback from pilots on ways to improve its self-service briefing options. Specifically, the company wants to "understand pilot perspectives on self-service and what additional self-service capabilities would be valuable." The anonymous survey includes 26 questions and takes about five minutes to complete. Take the survey >
AOPA supports ATP applicant's exemption request
A U.S. Air Force pilot who was deployed overseas when stringent new rules for knowledge testing of airline transport pilot (ATP) applicants took effect in 2014 is seeking an exemption from the new requirement to take an FAA-approved ATP pilot certification training program before he can take the ATP knowledge exam. Read more >
SureFly melds helicopter, drone for manned flight
Now that you're feeling comfortable with your drone piloting skills, perhaps it's time to step up to the next level—flying yourself in a "drone." It doesn't quite fold into George Jetson's briefcase, but the SureFly personal helicopter is of a similar concept. Read more >
Perlan team soars to new height
An Airbus-sponsored team of volunteers striving to set a new glider altitude record while collecting data for science has logged another milestone over Argentina. The Airbus Perlan Mission II reports the Perlan 2 glider recently reached a peak altitude of 32,500 feet. Read more >
Heavy-hauling drone reaches market
With an empty weight of 54 pounds, the quadcopter made by Indiana's VertiPod, a division of AirBuoyant (which also builds the Bede Aircraft BD-28), will require an exemption for almost any payload, but the payoff is a "pickup truck" that can fly on lithium-polymer battery power at 200 pounds. Read more >
Turn an iPad into an MFD
Guardian Avionics recently unveiled a line of products designed to stream data from an airplane's navigational or engine management equipment to an iPad or iPhone. Read more >
Total solar eclipse longest at Illinois airport
Sun gazers at Southern Illinois Airport in Carbondale will have an advantage over total solar eclipse viewers elsewhere when the moon slides in front of the sun for two minutes, 40 seconds. Read more >
Authentic Western town
Gallup, New Mexico, is an authentic Western town: Lots of people actually ride horses as transportation, not just a hobby. If you're looking to buy Western art, especially Native American jewelry, Gallup is where business gets done. Read more >
Fly to the national parks: Southern route
From tropical reefs and mangrove-lined waterways to giant trees and caves, and heroes of World War II—National Park units in the South celebrate diversity in multiple ways. Read more >
Icon resumes A5 deliveries
Icon Aircraft, a year removed from layoffs, a production halt, and retooling a controversial purchase agreement, announced at EAA AirVenture that deliveries of the A5 light sport amphibian have resumed, with six customers receiving their aircraft in June and July. Read more >
Vision Jet delivery slot auction nets $687,000 for charity
The decision by Sporty's Founder Hal Shevers to auction off his early delivery spot for a new Cirrus Vision Jet has generated more than $687,000 to be divided among charities selected by Sporty's and Cirrus Aircraft. Read more >
News and Notes
California Aeronautical University created content
CAU, airshow performer Vicky Benzing team up
California Aeronautical University and celebrated airshow performer Vicky Benzing are working together to prepare the next generation of aviation professionals. Appearing together at airshows and through social media, the duo is opening the eyes of young people to the possibility of starting careers as professional pilots, as aircraft mechanics, and in other aviation professions. Read more >
Flight Training Experience survey closes Aug. 14
Pilots who have taken any kind of flight training in the past 12 months have less than two weeks to share what the experience was like through the AOPA Flight Training Experience Survey. Results will be used to honor the best flight schools and instructors in five regions and name the top national winners in each of the two categories. Take the survey >
Pilot Protection Services
FAA compliance philosophy benefits pilots
The FAA's compliance philosophy is working as intended and has benefited pilots, according to AOPA Legal Services Plan attorney Chad Mayer. Many cases that might have previously resulted in an enforcement action such as a certificate action or a civil penalty are being resolved through a compliance action consisting of education, training, or counseling. Read more >
Aircraft ownership livestream: Leasing to an FBO
Learn about the legal and tax implications of leasing an aircraft to a fixed-base operator or flight school, and find out how the arrangement can be advantageous for some owners but not for others. The free livestream, brought to you by AOPA Pilot Protection Services, will take place Aug. 9 at 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Register now >
Career Opportunities
Aviation job board
Job of the week: Chief flight instructor, Cochise College
The Cochise College aviation program is well-respected and widely recognized throughout the industry. In more than 40 years of aviation training, it has placed graduates with major commercial airlines, government agencies, air freight services, and corporate aviation companies. This position is responsible for serving as the instructor of record for all flight training courses, ensuring compliance with federal aviation regulations in the training of students and supervision of flight instructors, serving as a faculty member, and performing instructional duties. Read the full description and apply today >
AOPA career opportunities
Join the AOPA team
Ever dream of turning your passion for aviation into a career? AOPA is looking for a Flying Clubs Initiative manager, graphic designer, video producer, research and analysis director, operations clerk, copy editor, marketing project coordinator, legislative affairs vice president, airports and state advocacy vice president, flight training business support senior director, and legal services plan attorney. To learn more about these and other AOPA career opportunities, visit AOPA Online >
Question of the Week

A friend has asked you to fly second in command on his aircraft that requires two crewmembers. In addition to meeting all other requirements, must you have a high-altitude endorsement if this aircraft meets that definition?
No. According to 14 CFR 61.31(g), a high-altitude endorsement is required to act as pilot in command of a pressurized aircraft that is capable of operating above 25,000 feet msl. Because you will not be acting as PIC, no endorsement is required; however, it would be a good idea to review the knowledge areas covered.

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