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FAA seeks members for airman certification standards working groupFAA seeks members for airman certification standards working group

The FAA has published a notice seeking additional members and describing new tasks for the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) Airman Certification System Working Group as it proceeds with development of the integrated airman certification standards (ACS) for the FAA written and practical tests for pilots and aviation mechanics.

Applications by those interested in becoming members of the working group should be submitted by Jan. 11, 2018, to the FAA contact noted below. Please describe your interest in the task and state the expertise you would bring to the working group.

The AOPA-chaired working group’s original task focused on developing ACS publications for the private pilot, commercial pilot, airline transport pilot, and instructor certificates, and the instrument rating in the airplane category. In February 2016, the task was expanded to include the aircraft mechanic certificate with airframe and/or powerplant ratings.

The FAA implemented the initial airman certification standards for the private pilot airplane certificate and instrument-airplane rating in June 2016. It implemented the initial ACS for the commercial pilot airplane certificate in June 2017, when it also released the first revisions of the ACS for the private pilot airplane certificate, and the instrument-airplane rating.

The working group's new task will require it to provide advice and recommendations to the ARAC in reports to be submitted by June 12, 2020, “on the continued development and maintenance of standards, training guidance, test management, and reference materials for airman certificates and ratings in the airplane category, to include Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Airline Transport Pilot, Instructor, Remote Pilot, and Aircraft Mechanic certificates and the Instrument rating, adding the rotorcraft, powered lift, and glider categories, and expand the scope to add the Sport Pilot and Recreational Pilot certificates in all categories.”

“The working group represents a real partnership between the aviation industry and FAA on the development, modification, and continued alignment of all the components of the airman certification system,” said David Oord, AOPA senior director of regulatory affairs and the working group's chair. “That alignment will ensure new pilots clearly understand exactly what they need to know, consider, and do for an airman certificate—making their training and testing more relevant and meaningful along the way.”

Those interested in becoming members of the working group should contact Van L. Kerns, Manager, Regulatory Support Division, FAA Flight Standards Service, AFS 600, FAA Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center P.O. Box 25082 Oklahoma City, OK 73125 by email or at 405.954.4431.

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