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Safety Alliance pools aviation safety contentSafety Alliance pools aviation safety content

Find what you need in one place

Since 1950, the AOPA Air Safety Institute has served all pilots and aviation enthusiasts—not just AOPA members—by providing free safety education, research, and data analysis. You may already be familiar with the AOPA Air Safety Institute's award-winning courses, live seminars, videos, accident case studies, publications, and quizzes that keep you safe and well informed. You also may have scoured the internet to find GA safety content produced by others in the industry. If you’re frustrated by having to search multiple websites to find what you need when you need it, help is here.

The AOPA Air Safety Institute's new Safety Alliance online resource covers a spectrum of safety-related materials arranged by topic. Photo by David Tulis.The AOPA Air Safety Institute now offers pilots easy access to a variety of aviation safety content from around the internet through a new industrywide initiative, the Safety Alliance. This initiative is the result of collaboration between the institute and several GA companies and organizations to bring GA safety education resources together in one location online.

Organized by topic on the AOPA Air Safety Institute's Safety Spotlight web pages, and on the Safety Alliance web page, the content is free to all pilots. The Safety Alliance currently offers 19 topics that cover a spectrum of safety-related materials, ranging from aerodynamics to flight instruction to weather. A first in the industry, the Safety Alliance’s diverse programs—including informative videos, safety tips, instructional tools, and downloadable reference materials—are now easily browsed in one place.

AOPA Senior Vice President of Aviation Strategy and Programs Katie Pribyl said that the AOPA Air Safety Institute is proud to provide a common platform for anyone who is passionate about aviation safety education, and that further improvements to GA safety require a team effort. “We know that many other organizations provide high-quality safety-focused content and we want to make it easy for pilots to find that information,” she noted.

The AOPA Air Safety Institute thanks the following for being part of the initial Safety Alliance launch: ASA, Jason Blair, Flight Chops, Garmin, Hartzell Propeller, Leidos, Rod Machado, MzeroA,, Sporty's, TBM, and The Finer Points.

Visit the Safety Alliance Safety Spotlight often for the latest in GA safety education. New programs will be added regularly.

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Machteld Smith

Machteld Smith

Aviation Technical Writer
Machteld Smith is an aviation technical writer for the Air Safety Institute. She holds a commercial pilot certificate with multiengine, instrument, and seaplane ratings.

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