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Magazine echoes AOPA call for transparencyMagazine echoes AOPA call for transparency

Aviation Safety Magazine recently voiced concerns that echo AOPA’s efforts to increase transparency toward fair and equal access for general aviation pilots at specific FBOs across the country.

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Following hundreds of complaints from members concerning egregious pricing and fees at certain FBOs, AOPA began analyzing, investigating, and reporting on the issue to better understand the current state of the FBO market, and work with FBOs to ensure steps are taken to improve current pricing practices.

Jeb Burnside, Aviation Safety Magazine editor-in-chief, has followed suit, outlining what he believes to be reasonable expectations for publicly funded airports.

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“At publicly funded airports, pilots should have the option of a free or five-dollar way to land and pick up or drop off passengers or cargo, and be on their way without using any other services," Burnside wrote. "A ramp area accessible from both air-side and ground-side, perhaps with a one-hour grace period before fees start kicking in, would be a place to start.”

Burnside wrote that transparency is key in helping to remedy the uncertain state of how most FBOs are run, and he believes that monopoly locations “are problematic.”

“FBOs should be free to charge whatever they want for whatever services they offer. But I should be just as free of being forced to use their services," Burnside wrote.

AOPA encourages pilots to report incidents of excessive charges and fees at FBOs.

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