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FAA notes Luscombe landing gear corrosion concernFAA notes Luscombe landing gear corrosion concern

The FAA has issued a special airworthiness information bulletin (SAIB) to alert operators of JGS Properties LLC (Luscombe) Models 11A and 11E series airplanes and Luscombe Models 8 and Phantom 1 series airplanes of a need for inspection procedures to detect and correct corrosion inside the main landing gear legs.

Luscombe Model 8-series aircraft are included in an FAA special airworthiness information bulletin.

Luscombe Model 8-series airplanes have a history of main landing gear failures caused by moisture accumulating inside the leg above the axle, making it susceptible to corrosion. Internal surface treatment and regular inspection of the lower legs may help mitigate the corrosion-related gear failures, the FAA said.

The FAA recommends that owners and operators of the affected airplanes follow the inspection procedures outlined in The Don Luscombe Aviation History Foundation Service Recommendation No. 4, dated Jan. 22, 1996, which provides instructions for installing a drain hole in the lower portion of the leg, performing repetitive inspections of the gear legs for corrosion, and cleaning and sealing the gear legs’ internal surfaces.

The agency also urges using X-ray or ultrasound inspection methods on the leg-to-axle joint to detect internal rust during initial or follow-on inspections of the gear leg.

The recommendations apply to both conventional and Silflex main landing gear for the aircraft, the FAA said.

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