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FAA publishes clearance delivery phone numbers

Pilots will have a new option for receiving IFR clearances directly from some FAA air traffic facilities with the publication of clearance delivery phone numbers in the April 27 edition of the chart supplement (formerly the airport/facility directory).

The Federal Aviation Administration is one of the many government agencies that have influence over general aviation. Photo by David Tulis.

The phone numbers for 30 terminal facilities that serve about 650 airports were published as part of an FAA flight service modernization initiative.

Giving pilots another way to receive their clearances directly from air traffic control—in addition to published radio frequencies—is intended to increase efficiency by eliminating the need for the clearance to be relayed to a pilot by flight service. The streamlined process also reduces the risk of error, the FAA said in a notice provided to AOPA.

The established process of receiving clearances over published clearance delivery radio frequencies is not affected by the availability of the phone numbers.

“The phone number is just an option, and at some airports the only option, to contact ATC,” said Rune Duke, AOPA director of airspace and air traffic.

Pilots should check airport listings in the chart supplement to determine if a clearance delivery phone number has been added to an airport’s listing and communications capabilities information.

An example of a newly published clearance delivery phone number appears in the chart supplement entry for Virginia’s Leesburg Executive Airport: “COMM/NAV/WEATHER REMARKS: For Clnc Del ctc Potomac Apch at 866–709–4993.”

The FAA said 12 ATC facilities also will eventually offer a separate phone line for pilots to call and cancel IFR flight plans. The phone numbers will be published as they are installed.

“With the exception of Alaska, other facilities may also provide direct lines for IFR clearances and cancellations under a future agreement to refine the delivery of flight services,” the FAA said.

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