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Hayward Air Rally sets scheduleHayward Air Rally sets schedule

The Hayward Air Rally, a proficiency flying event now in its fifty-third running, will take place June 22 through 25 on a course from Hayward Executive Airport in California to Reno/Stead Airport in Nevada, with a stop at Redding Municipal Airport in California.

The annual event challenges pilots to test their flight planning, navigation, and pilotage skills during two flight legs of from 250 to 300 nautical miles. All types of piston aircraft and all certificated pilots and guests may participate.

Although the destination at the end of each leg is known, the actual course will not be disclosed until the day before the rally, organizers said. Several checkpoints must be identified on each flight leg, and each aircraft must overfly an airborne timing line near the destination airport for the leg.

Flight planning is done the afternoon before the rally, after check-in. Each crew is given a detailed pilot’s operating handbook with the details of where they will be going, and procedures for the rally.

Before departing Hayward, each pilot must turn in estimates of expected flight time (takeoff to timing line) and fuel consumption (engine start to shutdown) for each of the two flight legs.

Participants are scored on a combination of checkpoint identification, matching the predicted time, and matching predicted fuel used.

Registration for the rally will close at 6 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on June 22.

Rally proceeds fund up to three EAA Air Academy Scholarships for deserving students.

For more information about event rules, accommodations, and schedule, visit the Hayward Air Rally website or contact the organizers by email.

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