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Reversed fuel selector placards prompt FAA concernReversed fuel selector placards prompt FAA concern

The FAA sent AOPA an airworthiness concern sheet to notify operators of all Piper PA-28 single-engine airplanes that it has received a report of a fuel selector cover with the left and right fuel tank placards reversed. The agency is requesting that operators examine the placards on their fuel selector covers and report any non-conforming placards.

In the airworthiness concern sheet, the FAA noted that “a fuel selector cover in this condition could cause the pilot to make a fuel management error, leading to loss of engine power while in flight.”

The Piper PA-28 fuel selector cover “is located in the cockpit, vertically mounted on a panel just outboard from the pilot’s left leg.” A photo included in the airworthiness concern sheet shows the proper installation of the fuel selector cover and its placards for all affected aircraft. The fuel tank capacity stated on the L TANK and R TANK placards will vary by aircraft model.

The FAA has issued an airworthiness concern sheet for Piper PA-28 fuel selectors. Image courtesy of the FAA.

According to the airworthiness concern sheet, some affected aircraft may have a fuel selector cover that differs from the one shown. “These aircraft may not be in compliance with Piper service bulletin SB840A, which is available at Piper’s website,” the FAA said. 

The May 25 airworthiness concern sheet also said several spare parts were found to be in the same condition.

The FAA requested that any nonconforming fuel selector cover placard be reported to the agency by email or by mail to Scott Hopper, aerospace engineer, ACE-118A, 1701 Columbus Ave., College Park, GA 30337.

Topics: Aircraft Regulation, Maintenance

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