October 31, 2017, issue of 'AOPA Drone Pilot'

VOL 1, ISSUE 19 October 31, 2017
Top Stories
Automated airspace authorization has begun
The FAA has begun issuing airspace authorizations for drone flights near airports through a new, automated system that allows such operations to be approved without human intervention provided they comply with predefined limits established by air traffic controllers. (Composite image made from FAA facility map and AOPA file photo.) Read more >
Training and Safety
DJI unveils operator quiz
DJI, the world market leader in small drone sales, worked with the FAA to develop a quiz that will be built into the company's flight control software, requiring first-time users to demonstrate knowledge of the rules before flying. Read more >
Parrot offers low-cost thermal drone
French drone maker Parrot has rolled out the Bebop-Pro Thermal, a $1,500 quadcopter with a thermal imaging camera that puts infrared inspection within reach of many users who have shied away from competing systems that can cost 10 times that amount. Read more >
Caged drone delivers
Swiss researchers have developed a drone made to deliver small packages with minimal risk because the rotors are securely ensconced in a spherical safety cage. Read more >
Adorama offers photo tips
Photo gear retailer Adorama Camera offers 12 tips for shooting the best still photos with a drone. Read more >
New SkyPixel contest seeks storytelling
SkyPixel is accepting submissions for its latest aerial photography contest, which includes three categories: landscape, portrait, and story. Read more >
Advice for selling your footage
Making money with a drone requires patience, an eye for in-demand footage, and good technique. We Talk UAV offers five tips for selling drone footage. Read more >
Regulation and Policy
White House spurs drone development
President Donald Trump signed a memo Oct. 25 directing the Department of Transportation to fast-track the development and approval of new drone technologies and advanced applications. Read more >
Rupprecht analyzes drone integration program
Drone law attorney Jonathan Rupprecht analyzes the recent White House order on drones, weighing pros and cons and offering his opinion on various aspects. Read more >
DJI demos 'electronic license plate' in Washington, DC
DJI conducted a rooftop demonstration of its new drone identification system called AeroScope in the midst of the nation's most restricted airspace for an audience that included FAA and NTSB officials, and airport operators. Read more >
CNN cleared to fly drones over crowds
CNN has received the FAA's first waiver to fly drones over people. The media company can now fly the 1.37-pound enclosed-rotor Vantage Robotics Snap quadcopter over crowds. Read more >
Journalists jailed for drone flight in Myanmar
Journalists working for Turkish state media were jailed after flying a drone over Myanmar's parliament building. Read more >
ASU to detail development of brainwave drone control
Arizona State University's Human-Oriented Robotics and Control Lab will detail work on a system that may soon allow swarms of drones to be controlled by one pilot's thoughts, and a joystick, during the Arizona UAS Summit and Expo Nov. 6 through 8 in Mesa. Read more >
Vanilla UAV completes five-day flight
Virginia-based Vanilla Aircraft has demonstrated five-day endurance by an unmanned aircraft weighing less than 500 kilograms, powered by a diesel motor. Read more >
Drone pilot arrested after refusing to land
Police in Ledyard, Connecticut, charged a resident of nearby New London with breach of peace and interfering with a police officer after he allegedly refused to stop flying his drone over a youth football game. Read more >
Featured Video
'The Road Trip'
Eye-catching locations, a rich soundscape, and an effective mix of ground and aerial camera views make this video shot in Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia a treat for both eyes and ears, and perhaps inspiration for your next road trip. (Photo from video by Huettehuette via Vimeo.) Watch the video >
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