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Created by Mooney Aircraft

Fill & Fly from MooneyFill and Fly from Mooney

The world’s most comprehensive airplane purchase. And now your own personal superpower

There’s a reason superheroes have sidekicks; these envoys take care of every mundane detail so their bosses can focus on the exciting stuff. That same idea applies to the Fill & Fly factory program from Mooney International. Mooney hatched this apparent plan for world domination in Kerrville, and launched Fill & Fly at EAA AirVenture 2018.

From this point forward, every new airplane Mooney builds will be covered not only with a three-year/1,000 hour factory warranty on airframe, engine and avionics* – but with Fill & Fly virtually every other cost of operation is included as well – from spinner to tail. This means you won’t have to pay for consumables, annual inspections, light bulbs, or anything in between. You simply fill your new Mooney Ultra with fuel, and Mooney will take care of the rest for the first three years or 300 hours. (In a Mooney, that’s about a dozen, coast-to-coast U.S. round-trips.)

Mooney even includes a complete transition course, with training on the ground, in a simulator and in-flight. As if this weren’t enough to send you scrambling for the left seat, Mooney has thrown in an additional $10,000 flight training voucher. You can put it towards a license or rating, co-pilot training or an endorsement. Or simply use it to refine your skills and deepen your relationship with the most personal piston-single airplane available.

Mooney will even help with scheduled maintenance by connecting you with its global network of factory authorized Service Centers. In sum, Mooney has thoroughly thought out every detail that might possibly detract from the precious time you’d rather be flying.

So, if you haven’t stepped through the new pilot-side door of a Mooney Acclaim or Ovation Ultra lately, now is a great time to do so. Fill & Fly is the stress-free way to join a very exclusive club – owners of the world’s fastest single-engine, piston-powered production airplanes. You can find out more about the program by contacting the factory. No searchlight signal, secret code or hotline is required.

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