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January 9, 2018, issue of 'AOPA Drone Pilot'January 9, 2018, issue of 'AOPA Drone Pilot'

VOL 2, ISSUE 1 January 9, 2018
Top Stories
Drone spotting
Flight crew reports of drone sightings have been plentiful, but the magnitude of actual risk that unmanned aircraft flown irresponsibly pose to other aircraft and people flying in the National Airspace System remains unclear. Read more >
Training and Safety
Know your drone, inside and out
The Droner's Manual by Kevin Jenkins, published in January by Aviation Supplies & Academics Inc., offers a trove of foundational knowledge to take the mystery out of fixed-wing and multirotor drones. AOPA members get a discount on this and other titles. Read more >
Learn about drones, earn credit
AOPA Senior Director of UAS Programs Kat Swain will lead a forum on the evolution of drone technology during the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida, Jan. 24 and 27. Participants will earn one FAA Wings credit. Read more >
North Carolina workshops continue
The North Carolina Department of Transportation drew more than 500 people to free drone workshops offered in 2017 and plans to continue offering the programs. Read more >
Parting words on LAANC
Departing FAA Administrator Michael Huerta comments on the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability program's rapid implementation in this short video posted to YouTube just before his last day on the job. Watch the video >
Free app offers lens filter guidance
Photographer Quentin Décaillet declares the free PolarPro app for Android and iOS devices a must-have. Read more >
Low-noise propellers tested
The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, announced in August, includes upgrades over the Mavic Pro such as propellers redesigned to reduce noise. Malek Murison tested the new props on an older Mavic to see what they can do. Read more >
SolarDrone brings sun power to CES
The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas gets underway Jan. 9, and among the drones and drone-related offerings on display is a quadcopter powered by solar cells and able to fly for hours, a system developed by National Taiwan University. Read more >
GoPro leaves the drone market
The botched launch of the Karma drone spelled the end of action camera giant GoPro's foray into drones. Read more >
Drone leads rescuers to stranded dog
An Oregon fire chief is still working to convince his community that drones are an asset, and a recent rescue may help him make the case. Read more >
Pilot reflects on lessons learned
With a year and a half of drone experience under his belt, a blogger takes stock of what he has learned, and offers an aviation newcomer's perspective. Read more >
Regulation and Policy
Punish the rogues, not those who follow rules
Academy of Model Aeronautics President Rich Hanson, in an op-ed published by The Hill, takes issue with the contention that federal law gets in the way of regulations to promote safety. Read more >
Integration program draws big response
The federal government received more than 2,800 expressions of interest for the UAS Integration Pilot Program announced in October 2017. Read more >
Dead chickens and drones
Retired U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen James Poss explains what the death of 150 chickens in 1943 has to do with drones and regulation today. Read more >
Nebraska considers drone bill
A Nebraska state senator has introduced a bill that includes more comprehensive regulation of drones, focused on public safety, property rights, and protecting infrastructure. Read more >
Palo Alto mulls drone blood delivery
Palo Alto, California, may become the first U.S. city to deliver blood by drone. Read more >
Drone supports Great Lakes conservation
The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Michigan Technological University are using unmanned aircraft to help manage Hiawatha National Forest. Read more >
Parachute system nears market
An Alaska company working on a parachute system for drones hopes to have it on the market by summer. Read more >
Bad news for poachers
Conservation group Air Shepherd has teamed up with Microsoft and two universities to develop a drone with artificial intelligence that can track poachers and protect wildlife. Read more >
Circular runways for drones?
A Dutch engineer is again challenging the long-held assumption that runways for fixed-wing aircraft large and small should be straight. Read more >
First responders develop drone program
Firefighters in Danbury, Connecticut, have deployed their first drone, thanks to an anonymous donor and a recognition of the value of unmanned air support. Read more >
Featured Video
Fireworks over Reykjavik
Iceland has more permissive drone rules than many countries, and Siggi Helgason took advantage of that fact to fly a quadcopter as the residents of Reykjavik welcomed the New Year with an impressive pyrotechnic display. (Image from video by Siggi Helgason via Vimeo.) Watch the video >
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