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January 23, 2018, issue of 'AOPA Drone Pilot'January 23, 2018, issue of 'AOPA Drone Pilot'

VOL 2, ISSUE 2 January 23, 2018
Top Stories
Saved in 70 seconds
A beach lifeguard in Australia had a drone ready when two teens were spotted struggling in 10-foot surf far from shore. The lifeguard-pilot found the teens and dropped a self-inflating rescue float into their hands in just over a minute. (Photo from video courtesy of Westpac Little Ripper.) Read more >
Training and Safety
Hands-on training at emergency medical conference
A full-day, hands-on drone workshop will be held Feb. 20, just ahead of the EMS Today conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. Read more >
Do no harm when filming wildlife
A nonprofit organization created by aviation veterans of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is working to educate drone pilots about how to capture images of marine wildlife without breaking the law, or harming animals. Read more >
Christmas drones soon vanish
Many drones given as holiday gifts soon disappeared, and lessons in the challenges of flying tiny aircraft were learned the hard way. Read more >
Drones at CES
The Consumer Electronics Show, an annual extravaganza of gadgets and gizmos held Jan. 9-12 in Las Vegas, featured several drones ranging from palm-sized to passenger-sized. Read more >
Parachute scaled down
California-based Fruity Chutes has unveiled a new line of spring-loaded parachute launchers for small quadcopters. Read more >
Racing for a living
As drone racing continues to grow into a marketable sport, an Australian teen hopes to be among the first to earn a living as a full-time pilot. Read more >
Night vision
DJI and BMW Motorsport have teamed up to bring drones to the track. Watch the video >
Chesapeake views
A love of drones and the Chesapeake Bay prompted a pair of Maryland teens to launch a YouTube channel. Read more >
Public Safety
Paramedics fly beyond sight
Paramedics and police in Ontario, Canada, have been granted permission to fly drones beyond visual line of sight, a development that is unprecedented and "game-changing." Read more >
Drones speed investigations
Police in Fort Collins, Colorado, report that a drone can save hours of road closure following a serious crash. Read more >
Oregon police try drones
Accident reconstruction is one application of small, unmanned aircraft that state police in Oregon are testing. Read more >
New York troopers acquire UAS fleet
New York State Police are buying 18 drones to deploy statewide. Read more >
Regulation and Policy
Washington violations prompt concern
Drone sightings in Washington, D.C., continue to fuel security fears. Read more >
New challenge to drone registry
The brother of the man whose lawsuit forced Congress to expressly authorize the FAA drone registry has filed a new lawsuit seeking refunds. Read more >
Thailand drone law has teeth
Those who fail to follow Thailand's drone registration rule face five years in prison. Read more >
West Virginia town pitches drone project
The city of Bluefield, West Virginia, is among the thousands of parties interested in participating in the federal Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program. Read more >
Not-so-fixed wings
Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have designed a drone with articulating airfoils that is capable of impressive aerial feats. Read more >
Spy on the spy
Researchers in Israel have developed a method to determine if a drone is looking at you. Read more >
Delivery test in New York
A Canadian drone delivery company will test its system in upstate New York. Read more >
When drones attack
A multiple-drone attack on a Russian military base in Syria has been described as a "swarm," though experts say it was a far cry from the worst case. Read more >
Featured Video
Ancient irrigation
Archaeologists used a drone to survey the remnants of an ancient irrigation system along the Silk Road, revealing that crop cultivation was underway earlier than once thought. (Photo from video by Washington University St. Louis via YouTube.) Watch the video >
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