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Seattle Avionics unveils ‘Slingshot’ data transfersSeattle Avionics unveils ‘Slingshot’ data transfers

Seattle Avionics says time will be on the pilot’s side following the rollout of Slingshot, its “breakthrough” wireless data transfer system, now in beta testing, that speeds up chart downloads, saving pilots “hours of chart updating time.”

Data from Seattle Avionics’ subscription ChartData is downloaded to the FlyQ electronic flight bag (EFB) on an iPad or iPhone and can be streamed directly via Wi-Fi to the BendixKing xVue Touch and AeroVue Touch multifunction displays without any additional downloads. “In this way, a pilot downloads data once and uses it on two completely different systems, the iPad/iPhone EFB app, and the installed MFD or smart display,” the company said in a news release.

“Virtually all pilots fly with an iPad, even those with in-panel avionics,” said Seattle Avionics CEO Steve Podradchik. “But until now, they had to download essentially the same data separately to their iPad app and their avionics system, wasting valuable time.”

“We are ecstatic to have BendixKing and their exciting new xVue Touch system as our flagship launch partner. We’re also working with other partners to extend Slingshot to other systems,” he said.

With Slingshot, xVue Touch customers can skip downloading data to a PC, copying it to a USB stick, and copying it again to the xVue Touch. Instead, “they can bring their iPads loaded with FlyQ into the cockpit, hit a button, and they are good to fly with both xVue Touch and FlyQ almost immediately.”

The product is expected to be available for release to customers “very soon,” the announcement said.

Seattle Avionics provides ChartData to several BendixKing products including the AeroVue Touch, and the KSN 770, and provides ChartData to more than 20 other major aviation companies worldwide including Northrop Grumman, Aspen, Dynon, GRT, and AFS.

Stratus 3 compatibility

Seattle Avionics also announced that the forthcoming FlyQ EFB version 3.2 will support the new Stratus 3 ADS-B receiver.

FlyQ EFB will receive weather, traffic, and GPS, as well as attitude, heading and reference system (AHRS) data from the Status 3, much as it does from more than 20 other ADS-B and in-panel systems.

“We are very excited to have worked with Appareo to ensure compatibility between FlyQ EFB and the Stratus 3,” said John Rutter, president of Seattle Avionics Software.

According to Appareo Aviation President Kris Garberg, “the new connection will allow FlyQ customers to get Stratus’s proven reliability of GPS, traffic and weather displayed on their favorite app."

For more information, visit the Seattle Avionics website.

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