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A flight bag for grownupsA flight bag for grownups

Flight Outfitters' bush pilot folio does triple dutyFlight Outfitters' bush pilot folio does triple duty

When I was a new pilot, I wanted everything I owned to scream “pilot.”

The Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Folio flight bag can serve as a flight bag or brief case. Photo by David Tulis.

Now, however, my clothes don’t necessarily have to proclaim my pilot status to the world, and neither does my other gear.

The Bush Pilot Folio flight bag strikes the right note for someone like me. It’s a sturdy and stylish khaki bag from Flight Outfitters of Cincinnati.

The bag doesn’t scream, "I belong to a pilot," but it clearly was designed by one. Matt Glassmeyer, CEO of Flight Outfitters, said he intended the Bush Pilot Folio to be a flight bag for aircraft owners who tend to leave some of their gear in the airplane at all times. It works well for that, but it’s also roomy enough to carry a headset, backup battery, and most everything else you would bring along.

The Bush Pilot Folio is sharp enough to double as a briefcase or even an overnight bag. I tried it as a flight bag for several weeks, then swapped everything out and took it on a business trip. There were plenty of pockets for a laptop, a charging cord, a mouse, a Kindle, and a stack of notebooks with room to spare. The canvas material traveled well, and a padded leather shoulder strap provided comfort when the bag was heavily loaded. During travel, the side pockets came unbuckled on a few occasions. But in general, Flight Outfitters bags—the company seems to pronounce a new one each month—are well-made.

The Bush Pilot Folio measures 18 inches high by 11 inches wide by 6 inches in diameter. Priced at $139.95, it could be the last bag you’ll need for a while.

If you like the look of the Folio but you want something with all the pockets, compartments, and such, you’ll want to check out Flight Outfitters’ regular Bush Pilot bag, also priced at $139.95. It’s the same design but with a padded headset pocket on either end of the bag.

Jill W. Tallman

Jill W. Tallman

AOPA Technical Editor
AOPA Technical Editor Jill W. Tallman is an instrument-rated private pilot who owns a Piper Cherokee 140.
Topics: Gear, Flight Bags

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