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iFlightPlanner offers updated interfaceiFlightPlanner offers updated interface

Web-based flight planning platform iFlightPlanner announced a redesigned interface allowing users to plan detailed multi-leg flights from connected devices, and a partnership with an aviation solutions provider.

Image courtesy of iFlightPlanner.

The Ann Arbor, Michigan-based flight planning service said its new interface, called Trip Manager, ensures that every aspect of planning a flight “from interactive route and weather planning, the retrieval of certified weather briefs, weight and balance calculations, flight plan filing, and record keeping via digital log books, is completed in sequential, efficient steps.”

iFlightPlanner also announced an expansion of its third-party integration capabilities, showcasing its partnership with aviation solutions provider Professional Flight Management Inc. (PFM) at the National Business Aviation Association’s Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida.

The expansion brings iFlightPlanner’s newly released functionality to Professional Flight Management Ops Console, securely leveraging detailed scheduling data already in the PFM system “to drive a comprehensive flight planning experience for flight crews, schedulers, and dispatchers.”

“We are very excited to be growing our partnership with PFM and showcasing this unique technology integration at NBAA,” said Andy Matthews, iFlightPlanner’s co-founder and business development director, in a news release. “Our two complementary platforms have raised the bar and will change the expectations operators have of their flight planning and management software. The way we are leveraging trip data for flight planning is simply unmatched in business aviation.”

All flight estimates and trips in PFM are now built using the estimated total distance, time, and fuel burn for nonstop flights between global airport pairs, replacing inaccurate great circle routing with real-time data and air traffic control routing predictions that use manufacturer aircraft performance data, and either currently forecast winds or a proprietary winds database. Flight department and crew accounts, company aircraft, and flights created with the integrated flight planning platform automatically sync wirelessly with iFlightPlanner for iPad, available in the Apple App Store to all operators using iFlightPlanner at no additional cost.

For more information visit the iFlightPlanner website. To see iFlightPlanner’s integration with PFM, email iFlightPlanner or PFM to schedule a demonstration.

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