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The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Air Safety Institute (ASI) has released No Go-Around—A Lesson from the Backcountry, its first video in the new ‘Real Pilot Story from the Field’ series.

The video recounts the story of four experienced backcountry pilots who had spent the day flying to remote airstrips in Central Idaho. On the third flight that day into a one-way strip, things went terribly wrong when the last pilot to come in for landing made the mistake of attempting a go-around. Thankfully he survived the subsequent stall/spin accident. In the video, AOPA Air Safety Institute executive director Richard McSpadden speaks with the pilots about their ordeal and lessons learned during that flight.

“Backcountry flying is mesmerizing and rewarding, but as we can see from this flight, it can also present unique challenges and risks,” said AOPA Air Safety Institute Senior Director Paul Deres. “For example, exploring a remote airstrip—especially a no go-around field surrounded by high terrain—requires extra planning to highlight key decision points." McSpadden praised Todd Simmons' candor and openness in sharing his story. "Thanks to Todd, ASI's latest video will reach tens of thousands of pilots, influence how they prepare, impact how they fly, and help make them safer."

Check out Real Pilot Story from the Field: No Go-Around—A Lesson from the backcountry

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