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Backcountry blissBackcountry bliss

Four 2019 opportunities for women pilotsFour 2019 opportunities for women pilots

Editor's note: This article was updated May 8 to correct the location of the June 26 to 30 Cascade, Idaho, event.

Women pilots have four opportunities in 2019 to explore the unique challenges associated with backcountry, seaplane, and mountain flying—and learn something about themselves in the process.

Johnson Creek is one of the numerous Idaho backcountry strips that beckon the adventurous pilot. Photo by Jill Tallman.

Christina Tindle will host four sessions of the Woman Wise AWEsome Adventures workshops this year. Each session has a varying focus and includes guest speakers, multiple opportunities to fly, and the chance to earn FAA Wings credit. Participants also get to unwind each day with yoga and massage. Tindle, a pilot, counselor, and author, works with participants to bring out their strengths, passions, and talents to take their flying to the next level. Tindle’s workshop is the focus of the feature article, “Blame It on the Backcountry,” in the June 2019 issue of AOPA Pilot magazine.

On June 26 through June 30, backcountry flying is the theme of “An Aviation Star is Born: Personal Distinction Unboxed.” In addition to backcountry flying, participants can sample seaplanes, spin recovery, aerobatics, and tailwheel transition. They can earn a complex endorsement, learn about drones, work on flying proficiency, or obtain a mountain flying checkout. The guest speaker is airshow performer Jacquie Warda. The event will be held in Cascade, Idaho.

Floatplane flying is the star of the July 25 through 28 “Floatplane Splashdown” in Cavanaugh Bay, Idaho. Options include instruction, an entire rating if desired, floatplane aviation lifestyle tips, and basic maintenance on water.

In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, participants can get a “High Flyer Mountain Checkout” from Aug. 15 through 18. Pilots will land at the highest elevation airports in the United States while expanding and refining their mountain flying skills.

On Sept. 25 through 29, the workshop returns to Cascade for more backcountry flying, along with opportunities to fly seaplanes, experience spin recovery and aerobatics, fly drones, and work on tailwheel transition or complex endorsements. The guest speaker is Julie Boatman Filucci, CFI and author of Together We Fly: Voices from the DC—3 and Honest Vision: The Donald Douglas Story.

Workshops range in price from $595 to $695. Food, lodging, and flight instruction are extra. Student scholarships are available. To register or for more information, see the website.

Jill W. Tallman

Jill W. Tallman

AOPA Technical Editor
AOPA Technical Editor Jill W. Tallman is an instrument-rated private pilot who is part-owner of a Cessna 182Q.
Topics: Training and Safety, Advanced Training, Aerobatics

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