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Top advocacy efforts continueTop advocacy efforts continue

From reducing the cost of flight training to winning the fight against so-called air traffic control privatization, working with the FAA to bring back the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out rebate, and improving access and transparency for aircraft operators at our nation’s general aviation airports, AOPA is hard at work on Capitol Hill and around the country.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association headquartered in Frederick, Maryland. Photo by Chris Rose.
  • So-called ATC privatization. Industry organizations were aided in the fight against detrimental ATC changes by calls, emails, and messages from more than 200,000 AOPA members.
  • FBO transparency. Five major aviation associations joined AOPA to release the “Know Before You Go” best business practices enhancing FBO pricing transparency.
  • The cost of flight training. New rule changes to Part 61 will reduce the cost of flight training and proficiency requirements, saving GA pilots more than $110 million in the next five years.
  • ADS-B Out rebate. AOPA worked with the FAA and manufacturers to develop lower-cost solutions for ADS-B Out equipage by January 2020.
  • Cross-border flying. Life got a lot easier for pilots flying to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico because of AOPA’s efforts to update cross-border procedures.
  • Non-TSO equipment. AOPA worked with the FAA and manufacturers on a wide range of certification changes resulting in more affordable products entering the market.
  • Decriminalizing airport violations. Working in Hawaii, AOPA ensured the governor’s signature of Senate Bill 2619, which decriminalized violations such as storing golf carts in airport hangars.
  • Class B airspace reclassification. Thanks to AOPA, the FAA implemented Class B revocation to allow conversion to Class C for airspace that no longer meets the criteria.

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