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May 28, 2019, issue of 'AOPA Drone Pilot'May 28, 2019, issue of 'AOPA Drone Pilot'

VOL 3, ISSUE 11 May 28, 2019
Top Stories
Drone deconfliction advances
DJI drones will soon incorporate Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast In, and the FAA is moving to implement remote identification this year. Read more >
NASA begins downtown BVLOS tests
NASA began the final phase of unmanned traffic management tests flying beyond line of sight in Reno, Nevada. Read more >
Super drones study super cells
As storms sweep the Great Plains, researchers use drones to study supercells and improve forecasting. Read more >
Training and Safety
Matrices still tumbling
Swiss authorities cautioned DJI Matrice 210 pilots to keep these aircraft well clear of populated areas. Social media users continue to report crashes for unknown reasons. Read the Swiss notice >
FAA expands LAANC
Did your airport make the list of more than 100 new airports that were approved for near-instant, electronic flight authorization in controlled airspace available exclusively to certificated remote pilots? View the list >
Free learning opportunity
AOPA member, pilot, and contributor Steve Rhode is offering more free training in the coming weeks. Read more and register >
Spark 2 preview
DJI is expected to release the Spark 2 this year, capable of 4K video and digital zoom. Read more >
State-of-the art dodger
Swiss researchers created software enabling drones to dodge, duck, and dive. Read more and watch a video >
Feds issue fresh warnings
In the midst of a trade war, another federal agency issued a data security warning without naming a particular Chinese company. Read more >
'Star Dance' debut
Don't miss the custom drone light show commemorating 80 years of AOPA history at our Livermore, California, Fly-In on June 21 at 9 p.m. Learn more and register >
On your marks…
Two Minnesota high schools have organized after-school drone races. Read more >
Public Safety
Arrive and drive
This drone can fly, land, then roll where you need it on wheels. Read more and watch a video >
They think you're lost
Researchers are working to program insight into unmanned search-and-rescue aircraft about the behavior of people who have lost their way. Read more >
Air Force seeks rescue drones
The U.S. Air Force seeks a drone that can rescue downed pilots in hostile environments. Read more >
Drone adoption increasing fast
At least one public agency in each state operates one or more drones, and the numbers and mission diversity are growing rapidly. Read more >
Regulation and Policy
PrecisionHawk CEO named DAC chairman
Michael Chasen has been named chairman of the FAA Drone Advisory Committee. Read more >
More rules applied to flying for fun
The FAA is clamping down on recreational drone use, and the way it is happening has AOPA concerned. Read more >
Steer clear of Navy vessels
Flying your drone within 3,000 feet of a U.S. Navy vessel is now a potential crime. Read more >
Army drones get smarter
New drones being built for the U.S. Army will be programmed for autonomous operation. Read more >
Doing good, cashing in
Eight years of blood, medicine, and vaccine deliveries pushed Zipline's bottom line up to $1.2 billion. Read more >
Sky sniffers
Drones are taking whiffs of ships to help enforce environmental regulations. Read more >
Featured Video
'Bridge to the sky'
Otherworldly beauty makes this aerial ode to South America's Altiplano region a must-watch. (Photo courtesy of Stefan Forster via Vimeo.) Watch the video >
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