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Created by L3Harris

Lynx NGT-9000 by L3Harris Delivers ADS-B Out and moreLynx NGT-9000 by L3Harris Delivers ADS-B Out and more

Aviators around the globe are turning to L3Harris’s LYNX multi-mode Transponder for their ADS-B requirements. Ted Klapka says, “Lynx turns the invisible into the known, giving him the real information to make safe decisions,” while Marshall Guthrie, said the Lynx is ‘the best equipment for safety (he) has seen.’ Read why Mike Tegtmeier choose to upgrade his aircraft, even though he does not often fly in ADS-B mandated airspace.

Aviators around the globe, like Mike Tegtmeier, are turning to L3Harris’s Lynx multi-mode Transponder for their ADS-B requirements. Mike is a professional pilot for a world-class, private jet aviation service company. He loves flying so much that when he returns from work, he continues flying in his own 1956 classic Cessna 172.

When it came to updating his transponder to meet the FAA ADS-B mandate, Mike did his research. His aircraft has old steam gauge instruments, and he wanted to be sure that he selected the right equipment for his Cessna. Mike chose L3Harris’s Lynx because of its rich feature set, which includes ADS-B Out compliance, ATAS, eTAWS, active traffic, and free weather and traffic from the FAA. “But I really love the touchscreen display and the ability to navigate quickly and simply. It is just so cool.” according to Mike.

Unlike other ADS-B solutions, the Lynx has a full-color split touch-screen where pilots can see their ADS-B traffic on the left; and then weather, terrain, and active traffic on the right side. With a simple swipe of the finger, pilots can easily scroll through a variety of screens, including weather and traffic from the FAA (FIS-B & TIS-B in real-time. FIS-B weather data includes METARs, AIRMETs, SIGNETs, and NEXRAD and displayed on a moving map showing own-ship position. Additionally, if you are equipped with a Stormscope WX-500, you can also display lighting with the Lynx unit.

This is a terrific display with easy navigation,” stated Mike when talking about all the features. He doesn’t currently have L3Harris’s TerrainVision™ application enabled, but he intends to add this capability because he likes the color-coded depiction of the surrounding topography and land-based obstacles, especially when flying in unfamiliar areas in IMC conditions.

The Lynx is also capable of hosting L3Harris’s ATAS (ADS-B Traffic Advisory System), which provides aural alerting and announces the range, bearing, and relative altitude of nearby traffic through the cockpit audio system of aircraft, including airport pattern traffic down to the surface. ATAS is a unique safety feature within the industry.

Even though Mike does not often fly in ADS-B mandated airspace with the old Cessna − he is happy he upgraded because of the safety features Lynx provides. His son is following Mike’s footsteps and enjoys flying alongside his dad. With the Lynx, Mike can teach his son about the new technology using the display, and because the Lynx duplicates the information onto a tablet, his son can scroll through the information and learn alongside his dad while Mike is secure and confident about their safety.

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