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How to avoid the skimming scamHow to avoid the skimming scam

Have you heard of ‘skimming’?

Skimming is a common scam in which thieves attach a device to credit card readers to either sell the stolen data or use it to buy things online.

Experts recommend using a credit card rather than a debit card when buying gas. For the simple reason, you are typically protected by your credit card company’s zero-liability policy – So you don’t lose money!

Using a debit card puts your own personal finances at risk, since your money is immediately withdrawn from your bank account.  In the event a Skimmer steals your debit card account info, you could have to wait days or weeks for your bank to complete an investigation before your money could be refunded.

With Zero Liability through your AOPA World Mastercard, you’re not held liable for unauthorized transactions that you report to us.

These tips are courtesy of the AOPA World Mastercard, the best card for pilots.  Become a card holder and you could earn up to 4% cash back in all your favorite aviation categories!

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