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Top 5 ‘Don’t Get Rusty’ webinars

If you haven’t flown as much as you wanted in 2020, check out these popular Don’t Get Rusty webinars to keep your head in the game.

In the "Don't Get Rusty" webinar series, AOPA You Can Fly staff members and special guests discuss techniques you can implement to improve your flying.

The webinars are hosted by AOPA You Can Fly staff and offer lively discussions on techniques you can implement to improve your flying. Set yourself up for successful, stress-free flights in 2021 by watching these webinars and learning how to improve your technique while transmitting on the radio, landing, navigating airspace, controlling the aircraft, and handling emergency situations.

Radio work

One of the first skills that can get rusty without use is radio communication. Whether you haven’t talked to air traffic control, haven’t flown at a nontowered airport, or haven’t flown at all for a long time, those radio communication skills can atrophy. Knock off the rust and sound like a professional pilot in “Say What? How to Speak with Confidence and Impress Your Friends by Sounding Like a Pro on the Radio.”


Landing the airplane—and landing it well—is the hardest skill to learn for student pilots. It doesn’t take much time away from the cockpit for those landings to get bumpy again. Learn what you can do in the last 60 seconds before touchdown to get a greaser each time in “60 Seconds to a Perfect Landing.”


Airspace can be intimidating for student pilots; new pilots; rusty pilots; and pilots who don’t fly in busy areas such as Class D, C, or B airspace. The “Getting Comfortable with Airspace” webinar provides tips to help you get comfortable navigating airspace that’s normally outside your comfort zone.

Stick and rudder skills

Special guest aviation humorist and author Rod Machado entertains while he educates in “Shtick and Rudder.” Enjoy learning exercises you can do on your own in the aircraft to make your flying more precise and to become a more confident pilot.


Veteran flight instructors walk you through the critical items to think about during an emergency in “Handling Emergencies with Poise and Aplomb.”

Watch all the 2020 Don’t Get Rusty webinars on YouTube. And check out the AOPA Pilot Information Center online to see a listing of upcoming webinars in 2021. Register for the webinars online.

AOPA’s You Can Fly team launched the series after many pilots were grounded by stay-at-home orders associated with the coronavirus pandemic. The webinars are free and open to all pilots.

The You Can Fly program is funded by charitable donations to the AOPA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. To be a part of the solution, visit

Alyssa J. Miller
Alyssa J. Cobb
The former senior director of digital media, Alyssa J. Cobb was on the AOPA staff from 2004 until 2023. She is a flight instructor, and loves flying her Cessna 170B with her husband and two children. Alyssa also hosts the weekly Fly with AOPA show on the AOPA Pilot Video YouTube channel.
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